Sunday Morning!

My routine over the past few months has been to get up at seven a.m. and complete a workout before heading out to church. Granted, waking up early, after staying up late on Saturday night is not always what I feel like doing, but it’s a decision I never regret.

I truly relish my Saturday nights-they are usually low key, and generally contain a fair amount of this-

2.2.13 002

We let Aaron pick out our movie on demand last night. In true fifteen year old boy fashion his choice was Premium Rush! Not an incredibly complex movie, but full of action and angst. Check out this trailer-

Having a couple glasses of wine and spending time with family is always a good time to me, even if the movie is not necessarily my first pick.   Winking smile

So that was yesterday, and this is today, see how my day started…

On to the work out…

Ten Minutes- Elliptical-Warm Up

Circuit 1

1Set of Squats-15reps

1Set of Lat Pull-down- 15 reps

1 Set of Backward Lunges-15 reps each leg

1 Set of Star Jumps-15 times

Repeat Three times- Rest 45 Seconds between Circuits

Circuit 2

1 Set Bosu Ball Squats-15reps (Stand on flat side)

1Set Bosu Ball PushUps-15 reps (Use flat side)

1 Set of Good Mornings- 15 reps (30 pound bar)

1Set of Squat Jumps- 15 reps

Repeat Three times- Rest 45 Seconds between Circuits

Complete workout With 20 minutes on the Elliptical.

This  workout should leave you nice and sweaty, but not too tired! 

I still have to go to church 2.2.13 008

and get ready for the super bowl, and study economics, and take a nap, yes lots to do even on Sunday.

2.2.13 005


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