A Case of the Mondays

I started my day with this

Being a Catholic allows me the wonderful opportunity to attend Mass everyday of the week if I so choose…I feel like I made the right decision today. I consider this to be an ever- so- small sacrifice of my time;the reward of balance and grounded-ness I receive from this tiny half hour helps me to keep my entire day in perspective. God knows I can use all the help I can get trying to stay halfway sane and optimistic My takeaway from todays service was:

Love is the greatest commandment…without love its all meaningless.This concept is so simple yet so difficult to embrace.

For example, on my ride home…traffic is normal for a Monday morning, I’m mindlessly trying to merge onto the parkway- feeling all warm and fuzzy; thinking of how great my life is, and BAM… a truck speeds up to block me from getting  in the lane in front of him. I instantly accelerate, and then he accelerates, it’s a battle now, but I’m too hesitant and running out of lane. I must admit defeat, let off the gas, and take my place  in back of him. Arggh it’s frustrating…why does this man have to go out of his way to be irritating, why didn’t I simply get in behind him in the first place,and why does this make me sooo crazy.


Loving others is sometimes exceptionally hard to do- Especially when I felt like that guy was being a huge a jerk… Deep Breath…

Start over….

Please no more mean people!


2.4.13 007

It’s getting close to strawberry season…I’m dreaming of having strawberries in everything-smoothies, yogurt, pancakes…I love them!

Today’s Workout

10 minute Elliptical Workout

Circuit 1

Curtsy Lunges 15 Reps each leg (30 pound bar)

Overhead Press 15 Reps (30 Pound Bar)

Bench Step Ups 15 Reps Each Leg

Jumping Lunges 15 Reps each Leg

3 rounds 45 second Rest Between Circuits

Circuit 2

Dead Lifts 15Reps (30 Pound Bar)

Bicep Curls 15 Reps (30 Pound Bar)

Ball Crunches 25 Reps

Decline Push Ups 15 Reps

3 rounds 45 second Rest Between Circuits

Circuit 3

Jump Rope one minute

Stretching- (Child Pose to Downward Dog)

Jump Rope One Minute

Stretching-(Runners Lunge to Hamstring Strech each Leg)

3 Rounds

Cardio-20 minute run on the treadmill 


2.4.13 006

I great Lunchtime treat 


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