The Day Gets Better

Today progressed according to my schedule: workout, mass, teaching my senior fitness class, and paperwork… oh yes, I did say senior fitness. I know it’s hard believe…but it’s true… I’m a certified Silver Sneaker instructor(sorry for tooting my own horn).

I have the privilege of teaching a wonderful group of over fifty-something’s on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I actually compiled a new playlist for our class over the weekend and this song was a big hit.

Get your mo-jo working!

We always seem to have fun time, and get a fairly decent workout in as well. Besides teaching this group exercise class I also work part-time for the same organization. I’m always hopeful I could make a career out of my position,but so far this doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

Have you ever been frustrated when you see people who have been with the company less time than you, move on to other roles and responsibilities; while you still doing the same job? I’m kind of having this happen to me. I honestly want to be happy for my co-workers, but sometimes I can feel myself taking a ride on the-

I take my job seriously 99.9% of the time; the people I work with are hilarious-so occasionally I’m prone to random fits of laughter-but other than that I’m all business. I’m aware of my character flaws, and I try to realize my weaknesses when dealing with customers. I’ve offered my services countless time, but have only been offered a few new tasks every now and again. There seems to be a cloud over me; I feel like perhaps my motives are misunderstood and even unwanted, or maybe its time to simply come to grips with the fact, I’m on the fast track to going nowhere there.

Either way I have a hopelessly optimistic streak within me; I’m working on my degree and know God has a plan for me. I want to write…I have so much creative energy -with no outlet to release it. My writing needs an incredible amount of work, along with my grammar skills, but I enjoy it.

My good news today…I got accepted into the college I applied for. My friends and family were always supportive in the fact I would get in, but deep down inside I doubted. I’ve taking 20 years to earn my AA degree. I’m almost 42 years old…my thoughts were, why would they accept me when they could have there choice of numerous, eager young minds. I received my letter yesterday, and it actually brought tears to my eyes. God is so good to me, even though I’m scared;I know he will help me accomplish this dream. I know he is the one and only person who will never disappoint me, never hurt me,never deceive me, and only wants to see good things for me. I trust him..and I’m ready


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