A day in the life…

As a bakery supervisor for a major supermarket chain I am required to drive across, between and through the sunshine state most every day.  So, I find myself driving to Tampa at 8 AM to meet my colleague and visit local stores when I encounter I4 traffic, better know as “the slow rolling hell on wheels”.

 image After experiencing several bouts of near road rage, the intermittent shutting down of my GPS, and the inability of every radio station to play any remotely appealing music, I arrive at my destination.  This is a special day, not simply because the bakery such a magical department, but because today my colleague are visiting stores with “Chad”.  While awaiting Chad’s immanent arrival my colleague and I discuss the pending days agenda. Talking, eating lunch, more talking, then drive back to the office.  Riveting.

Another day in the life…

Beep beep, today began at 6 AM, into the office, counting sheep.  Just kidding, but truthfully it seems like I don’t fully wake up until around 8 or 9 in the morning, then I reach my mental peak around 9:30, only to experience a steep decline in my energy levels and cognitive skills which all come to a crashing halt at bedtime.

Still, I press on, into the non-stop action thrill ride that is in-store supermarket bakery…

Not the life hanging in the balance excitement of say, a fireman or paramedic. Not the glamour or prestige of an actor or singer, not the big payday of a sports hero or a corporate CEO, but…it is very, um… so, why do I do this again?

Oh yeah, it pays the bills.  And I am a simple man.


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