Hope and A Prayer



Hope can be a puzzling emotion at times, it sometimes requires blind acceptance, and perseverance to get through life’s troubling situations. Like most people on earth I’ve struggled with my fair share of hard times. Before I was a Christian, and became aware that God cared for me; facing problems large and small seemed overwhelming to me. I had only myself to rely on (or so I thought), and I have a past of making really bad choices…I had-and still struggle with- a tendency to wallow in doom and gloom. Eventually, my past issues would work themselves out, and by some means or another I would thankfully emerge stronger than before (I now know it was grace- I had yet to ask for). I’m still confronted with choices, bad news, or other unforeseen circumstances, but now when I feel that familiar feeling of anxiety take hold…I pause, take a deep breath, and start talking to God. He ALWAYS helps me! I can’t emphasis the feeling of freedom this relationship brings me.



I’m not alone.

The reading in todays mass emphasized, Trust in the Lord, be strong and courageous – yes, put your hope in the Lord!

Hope is fundamental to happiness and peace, it is an attitude which can be nurtured and cultivated by God, if only you simply trust him to do the work for you.

Goals for Today:

Run~ Check…I did manage to get a decent run in on the treadmill. I was interrupted about 4 minutes in, with a not-so-good-news- call from Zack’s teacher…hmmm.

2.8.13 0022.8.13 003

I wanted to burn 300 calories during my  run and I was successful! I also completed the 30 minute NIKE trainers Heartthrob workout on my phone. I have to say it’s amazing and challenging…I will definitely be using this app more often. My last fitness goal is to take a walk with my husband this evening.  (Check- we had a wonderful walk!)


Eat Healthy~

Breakfast-2.8.13 0052.8.13 006


2.8.13 007

Dinner-2.8.13 008

Overall I did fairly well-for dessert I had a huge bowl of Kashi cereal mixed with Chobani  vanilla yogurt…yum!

Study Economics

Well I do have a hot date tonight-just me and

2.8.13 009

My text book…I know it’s kind of pathetic, but I have two quizzes due on Sunday…so I need to get crackalackin’


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