Sunday Fun Day

My day started bright and early… here


My workout went from sluggish to supercharged once I got my bum in gear. I rely heavily on Pandora’s Dance Cardio station to energize me, and keep my circuits moving at a swift pace.  I really like to stay focused, and have my time at the gym be efficient as possible.I know a lot of people like to socialize at the gym, but I just don’t have the time to do both. Headphones are essential for me, plus the nod and smile- to my friends- goes along way in them not perceiving me as a jerk-    (I hope).



My basic formula for the gym is:10 minute warm up, three to four circuits with 5 different exercises each, stretching, and another 20-30 minutes of cardio at the end. I find working out in this manner keeps things interesting…I’m always on the look out for new- to- me moves too.

Here are some  exercises I tried today-


Harder than they look

Another Variation

Mmm Hmmm it’s hard!

and yet another variation…

my workout had a fogger kind of theme.

Definitely felt the burn!

I also practiced my handstands…one day…I’m going to stick them!

This is what I envision hehe…

Sourcebut I’ll be happy if  balance two legs straight in the air.

Off to Church…


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