Calling All Catholics


Breaking news…For All Catholics…The Pope is retiring!

Apparently he is the first pope in the last 600 years to retire, while there is not a negative connotation associated with his resignation, people are still speculating on his motive. My research found that his health and his advancing age were the deciding circumstances.

Whatever the case may be our church will be electing a new pope on February 28.


My prayers for this new apostolic leader…. he will emphasis love and compassion, his arrival will be like a breath of fresh air. He will work to unite Catholics, and all Christian faiths to come together, and work for the common good of all people.

Thank you Pope Benedict for your service to the church! I hope God blesses you with peace and contentment!


Ash Wednesday is fast approaching… and marks the beginning of Lent…it is also usually associated with giving up some kind of sweet or vice. The point of this sacrifice is to help you focus on God by removing the distractions of “stuff” or the temptations to consume whatever it is you gave up.

Off LimitsSource See how distracting these cakes are…how can you even think about God when this junk is staring you in the face…

Lent  is the perfect time to simplify your life…get back to the spiritual basics.

I actually stopped giving things up, but instead started adding more spiritually motivated activities to my life. I find this works better for me.

I call my Lenten plan The 3 more P’s. They all begin with, Practice More- because ultimately that’s my goal.

I’m not perfect…I screw up a lot, but I want to try and be a better person so…

Practice Praying: This entails trying to be more aware of God’s presence in my life and others. Cutting out small chunks of time to simply think about him…or perhaps, offer short prayers up for the people I encounter throughout my day.


Practice Helping the Less Fortunate: I don’t want to make a judgment call on these people’s situation, but make an effort to give them what they are asking for. God has blessed me abundantly, it’s up to him to examine what their true motivations are. I also want to actively participate in Project Rice Bowl to help alleviate world hunger.

And Lastly…


Practice Patience:  The biggie…the most difficult…ohhh it’s so hard for me. I so want it though.. especially to be patient and understanding with other people. This also will default back to Practice Praying!

Maybe the three P’s could help you too…even if you’re not a Catholic?

Cheers to Lent…it’s like a spiritual New Year…I’ll be praying for us!

Off to do a workout!



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