The Rest of Sunday

I’m a Huge classic movie fan. TCM is running their 31 days of Oscar movie extravaganza!!! I periodically go through the program line up, and DVR my favorite movies to watch….so I have something interesting to watch when I have some down time. Today I put this on as background while I was studying for my economics test…


Multitasking at it’s best…

Streetcar Named Desire was originally a play by Tennessee Williams, made into a movie starring an obnoxious, but hunky looking Marlon Brando…Here is the original trailer…I don’t want to spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it… but it’s oh so sultry.

31 Days of Oscar Movie



I had two quizzes scheduled for today, they were due to be submitted in the online drop box by midnight. Of course… I didn’t wait till the last minute…

Thankfully my grade was a

on both tests. Hooray!! Economics is extremely difficult for me to comprehend…Typically with in minutes of reading from the text I find myself dozing off. I thought I wanted to major in business, but now I’m second guessing my decision.


I had a major craving for French fries today…I adore them. Before I was fully indoctrinated into the healthy eating lifestyle; I would have probably either gone to the store and bought a bag of frozen fries to make at home, or made a quick trip to the drive thru.


My favorite way to eat fries is to cut Yukon gold potatoes into wedges, coat with olive oil and sea salt, and bake until golden and crispy.

I think they taste so good they don’t even need ketchup.

2.10.13 0042.10.13 005

Off to watch the Grammys!!!

Good Night!


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