A Kiss for Simplicity

I think every one on the planet knows about the acronym K.I.S.S.






Brilliant concept for a person (ahem..not me…of course) who tends to overcomplicate different aspects of life…Ok, It’s really me…I make everything way harder than it has to be, but I am attempting to learn a different way.


There are currently, four aspects of my life I’m making an effort to simplify…and I must confess, it’s a liberating feeling to not be chained to my old routines and habits.

Spiritually~   You know I’m Catholic and… in the Catholic Church religious opportunities abound:prayers, novenas, holy objects, spiritual books, prayer groups, bible groups,indulgences… you get the picture???…the list is lengthy, and truthfully a bit overwhelming. With prayerful consideration I picked one devotion  I felt would really help me to grow closer to God…

I chose daily mass.

I started attending regularly back in September 2012 and I’m amazed at the changes in my life. My perspective has shifted, and I see a completely different view of my life now… I hope to truly appreciate and treasure it.


  Really should be simple, not convoluted with expectations, unnecessary pressures, and the burdens of the “perfect family”.

I’ve been guilty in the past of trying to create a facade of a “super mom” by using my husband and children as my own personal show pieces. Of course, because it’s not reality…it’s not sustainable…and only leaves me disappointed. I was always distracted with my little plans for life, never really asking for input… I’m keenly aware this was a negative way to show love, and what I really needed to do was…

Shut Up And Listen!!!

I’m talking about truly listening… hearing…comprehending…

It’s not as easy as it sounds, because oftentimes it means turning my attention away from what I’m doing (blogging, reading, texting…) and giving the person standing in front of me…ME…my undivided attention.

This also translates into loving people outside my family, in everyday situations I encounter people who simply want to talk. I know now I’m called to slow down and…


listen to people, respond to people…help people by hearing them.

Nutrition~ Source

God only knows why it took me soooo long to figure this one out. I’ve binged, I’ve starved, I’ve eaten only cottage cheese, only pretzels, only bananas.

How ridiculous!! Talk about setting myself up to fail…

I stumbled upon some healthy eating blogs, and they literally transformed my opinion on eating natural,wholesome foods. The produce section is now, by far my favorite department in the grocery store. I can definitely affirm that my tastes have changed, and I have a new found appreciation for simple, less processed foods. I actually crave fruits and vegetables now instead of Baked Lays– yeah…I used to eat these like I was getting paid. Diet Coke was my water…now water is my water. I read ingredient labels…too many chemical ingredients -means I’m not buying it.

Exercise~ My main motivation for exercise used to be an unattainable, (for me) relentless pursuit, of the


PERFECT BODY…ughh.  Really…I don’t know what I was thinking…nothing about me is perfect, why would my body be any different. Never the less I punished it with restrictive diets, harsh supplements, and over exercise…hoping to will it in to submission. Yeah…it never happened.

I do love working out…it’s my anti-depressant. I need to do it for my mind now more than my body. A funny thing happened though… I actually reaped some pretty cool results. I simply don’t make  my physical appearance sole priority…Now I just want to work out hard,  get super sweaty… and tired..I know..it’s gross, but I like it!



I love the word SIMPLICITY… I have so many other areas of my life that  need this principle…I can only take it one day at a time and KISS it!



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