Lent~ Getting Started

I want to be an active participant during the season of Lent. My usual method is to start STRONG and have my dedication and determination dwindle along the way…I don’t want this to happen again. I would like to incorporate a few special devotions into my daily mix to help broaden my awareness and reaffirm my commitment to God.

I found this website sponsored by Creighton University…

Praying Lent 2013

This online resource has suggestions, daily readings, and meditations which I hope to utilize regularly…I  appreciate the explanations on the deeper meaning of lent and I think I will look forward to reading the articles each day.


Stations of the Cross

My husband , children, and I in previous years had made this our families mission… Every Friday we would attend (sometimes grudgingly…because it was Friday night…and you know teenagers) together and it became somewhat of a tradition…I definitely would like to reinstitute it if everyone is in agreement. I think its basically the culmination of what Lent is truly all about.



I was kind of opposed to giving something up… instead I wanted to add more…but there are only so many hours in a day…

I got to thinking…

I  have a guilty pleasure…. it’s name is…Reality TV…I’m a complete sucker for this stuff. I know it’s a total time waster…so I’m certainly okay with taking a 40 day break in order focus a little more of my time for prayer.My mind could probably use an extended period of detox from these shows too.


My plans are definitely not earth shattering, but hopefully they will inspire me to turn back to God… and through him do something great.


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