How I Spent My Valentine’s Day

2.14.12 016

The Sunshine State is not too sunny today…instead it’s actually quite gloomy and cool…no problem though, I’m not bummed… the grass in my yard is terribly brown, crispy and begging for a drink of water(I’m way too cheap to turn on the sprinklers)…

Mother Nature always provides!

WORKOUT ~ So this morning… I had a steamy meeting with this thing…


I know…I know…your jealous…but no worries I can arrange for you two, to have a meeting too… anytime your ready…Red heart(wow I hope I used the to’s correctly)

20 Minute Stepper Shredder

Minutes 1-2- Speed 8

Minute 3- Try and step without using hand rails (No Hands)

Minutes 4-5- Speed 9

Minute 6 -No Hands

Minutes- 7-8 Speed 10

Minute 9- No hands

Minutes 10-11- Speed 11

Minute 12- No Hands ( Last one…because it’s getting hard now)

Minutes 13-14- Speed 12

Minutes 15-16- Speed 13

Minute 17- Speed 12

Minutes 18-19- Speed10

Minute 20- Speed 8

Cool Down

Adjust your speed according to fitness level…

Next Order of Business…


We need food~

This is actually my second home, and where a majority of of my disposable income is spent. I love their produce department!!!…I definitely take my time(so very long) picking out my fruits and veggies.

Apparently I was taking so long that Zack resorted to this behavior in the store…

Sign Jumping…

Don’t worry… I disciplined him…. after I was done filming him… effective parenting ya know…

I have very appetizing plans for these later…

2.14.12 012 and I already ate two out of the three of these…

2.14.12 013Pink Lady Apples with peanut butter are so ridiculously good…

I think I’m going to have to eat the last one when I’m finished typing! See why I spend so much time at Publix!

You know it’s Valentines Day…I couldn’t let the whole day go by without something festive…these are for later…

2.14.12 015Mmm Hmmm…I made these from scratch…I’m really good at mixing frosting , that’s how I get the varying shades of pink in the icing…I also just happened to have some pink plastic hearts, to stick in the top…just laying around in my cake decorating, supply cabinet…


My Valentine’s Day will be happening Saturday night…or so my husband informed me by saying…

Don’t Make Any Plans Saturday Night”

I never make plans on Saturday night…except for doing this…2.10.13 003


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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