Project Rice Bowl

I knew from the start of Lent I wanted to participate in this service project. Project Rice Bowl brings the issue of local and world hunger right into your home.

2.15.13 013

We usually pick these boxes up at church on Ash Wednesday…of course, I forgot…so I remembered to get one today!

Inside the flattened box is a flyer…it explains exactly how the donations will be used to help hungry families around the word.

2.15.13 014

I had Aaron assemble the box, and we will probably find a central location… like the kitchen, to set it up.

2.15.13 016

How it Works~

We think of items we can sacrifice: like buying a movie on demand, candy at the store, Starbucks, anything “extra”… instead of spending the money on ourselves we put the money in the Rice Bowl Box. I think this program is an  effective sacrifice because you can really “feel” what you are giving up.

Example~ Oh…. I really want to stop at the store and pick up snacks for my day at work…even though I’m not really hungry…and I only work for four hours…but I’m craving something salty…

Instead…I will take the three or four dollars that I would have spent at the store (truthfully… completely not needed) and put it to good use…helping others…instead of myself!

Fast Facts:

When you give to CRS Rice Bowl:

25 percent of your donations go to hunger and poverty alleviation efforts in your own community.

75 percent of your donations support CRS’s humanitarian relief programs in 100 countries worldwide. ($10 provides a family with 2 weeks of food)

  • Catholic Relief Services helps more than 100 million of the world’s poorest people each year.
  • Nearly 13,000 parishes  and schools across the United States participate in CRS Rice Bowl each Lent.
  • Since 1975, Catholics have donated more than $200 million to help the poor through CRS Rice Bowl Source


Happy Friday!


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