Veggie Delight

So… after spotting these at the store the other day

2.14.12 009BTW…this combo does not sound at all appetizing to me…

and then they go and make a potato chip flavored with it…

I think I’ll pass!

But I won’t pass up vegetables! This is one of my favorite Trio’s…2.14.12 012

I usually start with the Butternut squash(because it takes awhile to prep)

2.15.13 001

Peeled and cut into chunks….2.15.13 002

Brussel Sprouts2.15.13 0032.15.13 004

Season with sea salt and olive oil, roast in a 400 degree oven for about 45 minutes…

2.15.13 0062.15.13 005

Kale                            2.15.13 007   

Sautéed in a pan with olive oil and sea salt…2.15.13 008

Mix all the veggies together and add a package of feta cheese..

2.15.13 009 So delicious…and I have veggie’s for days.

2.15.13 010

Yeah…I know it doesn’t look too pretty…but it taste delicious!



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