Natural Market Co-Op

When Mitch and I were driving home last night we spotted a funny looking display sitting on the edge of the sidewalk…


Of course we were curious… but we kept driving…


Another sign…now I’m really intrigued!

For the record… and you can probably tell from the pictures, we live in subdivision central. The sign was announcing the opening of a Natural Market??? What…Here… I was incredibly interested in finding out more about how this could be… a produce co-op in the middle of suburbia???


Lo and behold, we drive down the neighborhood street for approximately two seconds, and approach a wide open space with a huge green house in the center.20130216_182351

I have to admit I’m pretty amazed…I have lived in this area for seven years…I had no idea there was a huge tract of land just sitting back there…merely a few feet from the main road. We drove up the gravel drive and parked. We could hear a few people talking inside and wanted to get some more information.


A friendly gentleman named Gill offered to give us a tour an explain the concept of how the co-op operates. He gave us some background on how he performed  extensive research, and decided to drive up to New Brunswick, Canada…he wanted to purchase the most organic, oxygen rich, soil he could find. Gill came back to Florida and cultivated different varieties of fruits and vegetables…he also made the decision to use individual pots to maintain the integrity of the soil. This is a glimpse of what they currently are offering.


Lettuce- Romaine, Red Leaf, and Green Leaf


My favorites… Kale and Tomatoes




Gill explained, to get started requires a 100 dollar deposit…which you can immediately use to start picking out some  fresh vegetables. He tells me he bases everything on the honor system…Wait…Hold Up…

The Honor System

Yes, he eloquently articulates(in a southern accent)…we only want trust worthy people coming out here, and further clarifies dishonesty disciplines itself…I’m kind of dumbfounded at this point in the conversation, because his premise is so out there..I really can’t believe that he chooses to operate his business this way…I voice a couple of my concerns…and he kindly cuts me off, and says, something to the effect of, life is too short to worry about that kind of stuff…Ummm okay..I do agree…BUT…no buts, he says… okay, whatever you saySign Me Up!


It’s official we’re members now!!! Unfortunately…by this time…I’m F-F-Freezing…yeah it’s 50 degrees in Florida and I’m a shivering baby…so we came back the next day to pick out some stuff.


I choose some lettuce and tomatoes…and made an out of this world with freshness salad…


I can definitely taste the difference! I’m soo excited to see what offerings they will have a we cycle through the different seasons!

Cheers to Co-Op ing!


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