Wine and Flowers on Saturday

This lovely arrangement greeted me on my doorstep this morning…


Post Valentines..but still oh so special…

My husband had another huge surprise for me…

Flashdance The Musical

two tickets…for me and him…hooray!!!… I’m completely psyched…


and then…

Waaa… waaa… waaa…

We discovered the tickets were for a showing next week… My husband was completely bummed…but I’m not…

Now I have something to look forward to all week…you know, how sometimes the anticipation of the event… is even more fun than the actual event! (I definitely feel that way sometimes!)

I really love, love, love, live performances…concerts, plays, musicals…they are all so incredibly entertaining. I appreciate seeing in person…all the emotions displayed on a stage. Flashdance also happens to be highly nostalgic for me because I  was a teenager throughout the 80’s…all of those catchy songs remind me of junior high school and hangin’ with my super popular (super sweet) BFF Christine. We were inseparable… and both of us embraced all the fashion rages, loved the same music and relished all the drama of that era. We thought we looked so cool in our mini skirts and headbands, jamming to tunes (Duran Duran was our absolute fav) on our Walkman‘s…what were we thinking!


That looks about right!

Those were the good ole days!


Saturday’s Wine and Movie

My hubby and I decided to go to church on Saturday…we do that sometimes when we’ve had a hectic week, and need a little extra rest. Thank goodness our religion has this option.

After church we made a quick trip here


to pick up a couple bottles of wine.

Mitch likes to take his time time perusing the store


Surprise…I’m taking your picture!!


So many choices…We decided on Rosso di Montalcino (Casanova di Neri)for tonight and a bottle of Malbec for later.

One of my co worker recommended a Rosso and I have to admit…I really liked it. I’m certainly not a wine connoisseur…I simply like what I like.


According to this site Wine match

Brunello di Montalcino is, for some, the ultimate wine for grilled steak, and Tuscany‘s beef is indeed the finest in Italy. Marinated and grilled portabello mushrooms over polenta is another excellent partner, and the wine is considered classic with stewed cinghiale or rabbit ragù over pappardelle.

I paired mine with…


Yeah…I’m a classy girl… Wine and Pirate Booty!

20130216_192028      My daughter  bought me this glass for Christmas…I use it every time I drink wine.

Mitch really wanted to watch

Flight~Denzel Washington

and so he did…meanwhile I studied

2.14.12 018Yawn!!!



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