Chicken Dinner & The Harlem Shake

I told you in a previous post that my son Zack wanted to perform a Harlem Shake where I work…but I didn’t think my boss would approve.

Well… him and a few of his friends from the Leaders Club…decided to take matters into their own hands… here is what they came up with.

Crazy Kids!


The weather in Florida was feeling frosty with temperatures hovering in the fifties. I decided this would be the perfect night to bring out the trusty old crock pot and make a-

Chicken Dinner

I downloaded a crockpot cookbook for free on my Kindle months ago, but had yet to make a single recipe…This one sounded perfect

Scrumptious Garlic Lemon Chicken

I made a few minor tweaks and settled on this…


1TBS Sea Salt

I/2 C Lemon Pepper Seasoning

4 Boneless,Skinless, Chicken Breast

2C FF Chicken Broth

1TSP Lemon Zest

10 Garlic Cloves,minced

1 Yellow Onion

How To Make

Place Sea Salt and lemon pepper seasoning in a bowl and mix well.

Rub spice mixture, evenly coating chicken breast, and place in crock pot

Mix broth, garlic, onions, and pour over chicken.

Set crock pot on low, and cook for about 6 hours, or until done to your liking.

The chicken came out tender, juicy, and full of flavor. I served with brown rice and a salad. Triple Yum!!!


Recipe adapted from Nicole D. Richards…Healthy Crock Pot Meals.

Well I’m off to snuggle in bed and read…

Good Night!


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