Better Late Than Never

I’m not fond of that expression…probably because I’m one of those annoying people who chronically show up early…

Have you ever heard of this


This brilliant concept is all about arriving ten to fifteen minutes before you need to be at an event, meeting or appointment. My kids learned about this principle in Leaders Club, and I think it’s an invaluable piece of advice. In my opinion, showing up early… is similar to an act of respect…you are taking this(whatever)’s important… you want to be there… and even further,…I value your time…


Sometimes life is conspiring against me…all my good intentions are out the window. For example, yesterday…(because I couldn’t sleep the night before)…(Truthfully, I stayed up late reading Divergent) I overslept by five measly minutes. Really, it shouldn’t be a big deal…but, I kid you not…it was like an avalanche of lateness descended upon me.

First, my son Zack needs to be at school at 7:15 AM…I usually leave promptly at 6:58 AM ( we operate like the airlines around here) and have him at the campus a few minutes early (He says Lombardi time is out the window when concerning school…sleep is way more important).

I apparently miss this on our daily commute…


But not today, I had the pleasure of being first in line behind this big, yellow beauty…Did I mention, I live in subdivision central, neighborhoods galore… and the bus makes stops at EVERY-SINGLE-ENTRANCE to pick up children for school….Oh yes It does!

Needles to say, that burned some of my valuable time…but, I’m optimistic I think we can still pull this off…I can have him to school right on the button… instead of early. No biggie… Unfortunately, once I reach the main road I see this,


Solid..barely moving…almost at a stand still traffic..(do you see the school bus is still ahead of me…really). I must now admit defeat, there is no way I’m going anywhere , any time soon. I phone the attendance office.

Zack ended up being twenty minutes late for class!


I have an appointment at 8:00 AM…after I drop him off and clear the traffic stagnation…I hastily try and reach my destination,(all of course, while maintaining the posted speed limits). I ‘m almost there…thankfully I will be on time…Until this…


For the record…I need to be on the other side of this..


I’m not  exaggerating… it took him forever( about five minutes) to maneuver the dump truck from that, ever so awkward position…

Guess what…I was late!

My problems with time really didn’t stop there…but it almost sounds unbelievable to keep this story going on, but needles to say,for my next appointment… I was also late …

it involved me being on the wrong side of the tracks if you catch my drift.

Take away-

Patience is a Virtue

I’ m off to the gym to do this workout:

Sunken Gardens 013

Remember the chicken I made yesterday…well today… the leftovers are turning into my lunch…


Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad..can’t wait!!!



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