Taking a Rest Day

It’s official, I’m sick …I have the funk that’s been going around. All my co-workers and friends have been plagued with this dreadful bug…my immune system had been doing a superb job warding it off…but unfortunately, in the end the germs were too much.

I kept willing myself to shake it, only to have my cough get worse… I’m sounding like this… on a regular basis…


The cough is beginning to attract attention-in a highly negative way-people are clearing a path away from me when I break out in to one of my hacking spells.

Oh joy!

I finally figured out why my recovery is going so slow…it’s because I haven’t taken any solid time to rest. I’m trying to maintain my full schedule. The result is… I feel completely exhausted by the end of the day.

I had to become proactive~

I actually found a substitute instructor for my Silver Sneakers group exercise class (which is nothing short of a miracle), I don’t have to work today, I don’ have any appointments or errands to run… sooo

This will be my day to try and recover.

On the agenda:

Spending time here:


My bed…to me…is ever so cozy…I get sleepy just looking at it.

Watching TCM and dozing…

I have this DVR’d

By the way-

My love of classic movies baffles many of my friends…(old movies…boring…is usually the response)…but all I can say is… you have to watch one completely…beginning to end…the dialogue, the cinematography, the fashion, the historical aspect, all mesh together so beautifully and… to me, embody the definition of the word CLASSIC! I’m forever a fan!

Thumbs up

I really only have to go out of the house twice today…drop Zack off for school…pick Zack up from school…

I had this dazzling idea…

I may swing by Panera  for some soup…you know Grandma’s remedy for the sniffles.


My mouth is watering at the thought.

While chicken noodle soup might not have inherent medicinal benefits it certainly creates a feel good vibe…and that’s just what I’m looking for today.

Even though…

I’m feeling really lazy and unproductive… and I miss getting exercise…I’m hopeful, in the long run, this day will work it’s wonders- helping to restore me back to feeling well.

Wishing all a sick free…

Good day to you!

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