Foggy Day and Random Rudeness

I woke up feeling really rested and a bit better than yesterday. I thought a walk might be the perfect morning exercise. When I went outside I noticed the fog was pretty thick…



When the weather is like this-for some reason to me, the world seems so much more quit and peaceful.

I think the fog buffers all the harsh noises of the passing traffic out and conversely traps in many different scents. I noticed the distinct smell of cigarettes when I left my house, but I was halfway around the block before I noticed a couple out on their front porch puffing away.


On a more pleasant note-one of the neighborhoods I passed had  Gardenia bushes planted along their entrance, sprouting gorgeous blooming flowers…they smelled so sweet and fresh.


The suns looks so eerily beautiful trying to break through the fog(minus the hideous power lines of course).

My walk was okay…I’m definitely still not 100%-but it was sill nice to get out and get some fresh air.

Breakfast was delicious-

20130222_110245Strawberries and Apples with crunchy peanut butter.



Tuna and a salad

By the Way-

Friday is a day of abstinence from meat but fish is an acceptable alternative.

I also got my haircut today-my hairdresser didn’t even mind I had the sniffles.


Random Rudeness

I had to work today…and although customer service has ever so many positive rewards.. every once in awhile I let someone affect my day with their attitude.

Let me preface this-

I’m exceptionally uncomfortable with confrontation( like many people) and when faced with the opportunity of enforcing the rules at work, I tend to have these trademark habits: I clench my teeth,place forced smile upon my face, and speak in a( perceived) condescending voice. This “friendly” demeanor of mine has been misinterpreted on more than one occasion.


For example today…a customer mistakenly thought I was talking down to her…she proceeded to yell and make a big stink…mainly because I questioned her about her membership( which is part of my job).

Frustrating and Embarrassing.

I know I bring some of this treatment on myself…primarily out of my nervousness…but dealing with sticky situations doesn’t highlight my better attributes…I’m much better with the easy going types…lol.

What’s a girl to do…

I’m not really sure…but I’ve been told

Practice Makes Perfect

So…For now..I guess I have to keep trying, and learning how to act in control during confrontations.


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