Theater, Cupcakes, &Wine

The day started with the usual-ever- so- typical grind and ended on  notes of sheer decadence!


First up- A Workout

I love listening to Pandora when I work out…but lugging my rather large,and rather bulky phone (Samsung Galaxy S3) around has been a bit of a hassle. I really love my phone, but I needed a functional carrying case- after an exhaustive(not so much really- I looked at a few cases on Amazon) internet search I found what I think might be a workable solution for my dilemma. The Flip Belt.


I really love it so far… I ‘m pleased to report my phone is totally and completely secure during all my workout endeavors:running, jumping rope, weights…whatever it is I’m doing. Plus, as a bonus it looks streamlined and not at all bulky under my t-shirts. The belt is also (thankfully) washable and comes in four different waist sizes…I’m 5”5, 138 pounds and I purchased the small -which fits perfect on me.

Weekend Gym Time

I usually have to work Saturday mornings, but it was my lucky day today, one of my coworkers was in desperate need of extra hours… so me being the sweet and caring person I am, volunteered up my shift for her to take…wasn’t that peachy of me! I’m a giver ya know…

(and I’m completely kidding).

Any hoo… I really love going to the gym with my hubby, and pretty much weekends are the only times we can work out together…I was happy we could go as a pair today!

20130223_092458He didn’t know I was taking his pic. HA!

Workout wise…I did a combination of my favorite exercises in circuit fashion-lunges, squats, push ups, pull ups, the usual stuff. I’m still kinda sick so I didn’t get to complete everything I planned, but it is what it is-and some kind of work out is better than no workout….Right??? I did get the chance to focus on stretching longer…which In my opinion might be considered a piece of workout decadence…hmmm maybe???

This was one of New Years Resolutions20130215_115701

and I practiced it some more today…I would like to eventually be able to stand up from this backbend position…

yeeeah ….I don’t know if that will ever happen but I’m going to keep trying!

On to Some Decadence  Real World StyleWinking smile

I have three words for you…Flashdance The Musical!

It delivered…BIG TIME.. The Straz Center Website describes it as:

FLASHDANCE, the pop culture phenomenon and runaway international success, is now live on stage! It all started with a dream. To be bigger. To burn brighter. To dance harder. Now is the time to live the dream all over again. Based on the movie that defined a generation, FLASHDANCE – The Musical tells the unforgettable story of Alex, a working-class girl from Pittsburgh striving to make her dreams of becoming a professional dancer a reality.

Amazing, is my review!

20130223_124502Mitch is soooo excited to go see Flashdance…he totally  LOVES musicals and the theater!!!!


 really at all..Actually, he is only humoring me…but isn’t that what marriage is really all about anyway…sacrificing for the one you love…Lord knows I’ve watched my fair share of football games.


My only complaint…we had to park incredibly far away from the theater, and the elevator in the parking garage wasn’t working properly.We resigned ourselves to hoofing it and calculated it to be about 15 flight of stairs total, we ended up having to climb…Not a big deal- unless you had the genius idea of wearing four inch heels.. Yes, that would be me… Guilty!


Intermission…we had balcony seats… surprisingly enough you could still see all the action perfectly clear! I’m thrilled I had the opportunity to watch it.

20130223_163955A little shout out to this gentleman…he played the sax like a pro…there were a few of these guys positioned around the parking areas, basically “singing” for their supper…I hope he earned a decent amount in tips today…he deserved it!

I Pray God will Bless All  Of Them!

After the show-

Mitch and I had reservations for dinner but we decided to bail because we were both really exhausted. Dinner at home sounded more appealing.

Luckily, on our way home we spotted this new little establishment..


Treats??? I want a treat!!!!

I indeed received a couple of decadent treats…


Are you ready…

this was actually my favorite

20130223_175800Spinach and feta cheese puff pastry…yum,yum, yum!

Mitch and the boys plowed through these…


Chocolate filled croissant, Red Velvet cupcake, and a Vanilla Birthday Cake cupcake. Everything was freshly baked and tasted wonderfully rich. I will be back there to devour err I mean sample some more of her goodies!

Yes, it’s Wine O’ Clock


I will tell you straight up…it works well with cupcakes!

Here are the tasting notes as stated by Opici Wines

Nearly black in color, this Malbec has aromas of ripe black cherries, plums, and violet flowers with subtle notes of vanilla and caramel. Jammy, packed with fresh red fruit and a pleasant acidity that balances nicely with the firm tannins. The finish is round and generous with a touch of sweet oak.

Food Pairings:

Enhances grilled red meats, tomato-based pasta dishes, empanadas and rice dishes.

Said in my most sophisticated voice… “I concur with your recommendations oh dubious sirs”

or in my own words…it tastes flipping fantabulous!

Off the subject..

It’s a gorgeous night out…almost a full moon


I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


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