I Love Vegetarians

I really do love vegetarians…

I’m actually in the process of raising two devoted,dedicated, diligent, and thriving vegetarians.

I had a conversation with this guy


When he was about 4 years old…it went a little something like this…

Out of the blue~

Zack: “ Mommy, Where do ticken (chicken) nuggets come from?”

By the way-This was his all time favorite food at the time..and obviously way before I was concerned with eating healthy.Laughing out loud

Me: “From Chickens”

He thinks about it intently,his big blue eyes pondering.

Zack: “Where do hot dogs come from?”

His second favorite food at the time.

Me: “I think they come from pigs.”

Zack: “I not eating dem food no more”

I’m kind of confused and amused by his pronouncement and ask him why.

He said, “Cuz they am-i-nals… and I wuv am-i-nals!”


Okay then… I think …we’ll see how long this lasts…

I said to him, “you know its not bad to eat animals”…

He tells me he knows… but he loves them and it makes him sad to make dem dies.

So insightful (remember he’s only 4) and caring of him!!



I’m fairly certain this is what he envisioned he was eating..

I wuv dem mommy…I can’t eat dem.

I was more than a little bewildered by our conversation, my husband and I were certainly not advocates for PETA or anything even remotely close to that…I mean we love animals as pets. We taught our children to be kind to nature in general, but we were, and are still currently, a carnivorous couple.

I honestly thought it would be a passing phase, certainly Zack would not be able to resist the lure of a McDonald’s Happy Meal for long.


But the kid stayed strong…I tell you with all sincerity, not a single piece of meat has passed his lips in thirteen years. He is almost seventeen years old and tells me he will NEVER, I mean, Never, ever eat any meat.

He actually converted his sister to the lifestyle when she was fourteen…she too is an avid animal lover and vegetarian.2.2.13 007

Mitch and I have supported them in their efforts, but we personally have never been swayed. We apparently don’t think of meat in the same way they do. I really enjoy eating steaks and chicken breast… I am really sorry if that comes across as insensitive…not my intent.

Currently, Zack seems to have a renewed effort to convert Mitch and I to Vegetarianism. He is a dual enrolled high school student. The college he attends has an active Animal Rights group… which he has been spending a great deal of time with.

Lately, these have been popping up  all of the house.


He brought this assortment home today…


He’s even resorted to stashing them here


These were obviously for Mitch of course, ahem… he is the only one who does any reading in there!

For the Record:

We have always supported Chloe and Zack’s decision not to eat meat…and wholeheartedly  defended them when family members (who didn’t understand) tried to encourage them to eat it.

I must also state- I honestly don’t want any animals to treated inhumanely… even if their single purpose is to be food for people. Animals are part of God’s creation too..while I don’t personally feel convicted to give up meat…animals must be treated in a decent manner.


A Link to SupportHumane Farming

I love you Chloe and Zack for making me think outside my box!!!


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