Dancing, Dinner, and a Workout…

I was inspired in my choice of workout apparel today… after watching the Broadway production Flashdance over the weekend…I was reminded of some of  the cool fashions trends from the 80’s.


Particularly the off the shoulder shirts with a tank top underneath…

I scoured my T-shirt drawer and this-

20130224_103717is about as close as I could come to re-creating the “look”.

-Not So much-

I’m now on a fashion hunt to see if I can find a few shirts …I think it might by a stylish and comfortable option for gym.

I did this workout today-

clip_image002Today’s Workout @ The Gym

Warm-Up~10 Min. Elliptical

Circuit 1: Repeat 3x’s

Smith Machine Squats-50lbs total on the bar-15 Reps.

Shoulder Press-Dumbbells 20LB-15REPS

Box Jumps-15-20 Triceps Push-Ups-15 Reps

Circuit 2: Repeat 3x’s

Lat Pull Downs-70LBS-15Reps

Front Squats-30LBS Total on the Bar-15reps

Decline Push-Ups-15Reps

Froggers-15 Reps

Finish With Stretching & 20 Minutes Of High Intensity intervals on Elliptical

I had to teach my senior group fitness class today…all the members were so thoughtful and genuinely concerned about my health…

I took a sick day on Thursday.. I still have a little residual effect from my cold (chest congestion).

It was actually kind of comical.. because every once in awhile I would start coughing and hacking into the microphone…They all would laugh and tell me I should slow down..one guy jokingly told me I should switch to filtered cigarettes…Haha! What a great group!!!

My All Time Favorite Reality Show-


Dancing With Stars

Returns to television Monday and Tuesday Evenings  March 18!!! YAY!!!

Here  is the list of celebrities participating!!

The cast for Dancing with the Stars‘ 16th season has just been released!

Here’s who will be competing for the coveted mirrorball trophy when the season kicks off on Monday, March 18:


Dinner Tonight was one of my standby’s~

Roasted London Broil– Seasoned with lemon juice, olive oil and garlic salt-I roast it for about 45 minutes in a 400 degree oven.

Collard greens/butternut squash/garlic seasoned feta cheese-Sautee the collard greens with olive oil.

Roast butternut squash with olive oil and sea salt for 45 minutes

Mix squash, greens and feta-stir to mix evenly-season with a little more garlic salt to taste.


Tastes Fabulously simple!!!!

Good night!Open-mouthed smile


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