Post Work Out Stretching, Snacks, and Lemon Chicken

Today was incredibly busy with errands and general running to and frouggg (You know the kind of day I’m talking about?)…I had an appointment in Clearwater at 10:00 AM which I thankfully left early for because it never fails-


I-4 merging onto 2-75- heading towards downtown Tampa, is always, I mean always… a traffic nightmare…even at 9:30 AM.


I was bored… and we were stopped…I promise– that’s the only reason I’m taking pictures while I’m driving.

I often wonder:


When I’m sitting in traffic on one side of the road- I can see on the opposite side of the highway- all the cars are moving free and easy…I always wish…why can’t I be headed that direction. NOT FAIR!

Snack Time~

On my way home from my meeting I passed by here…


I actually don’t shop here all that often…I typically buy most of my groceries at Publix;mainly- because they are affordable…carry many of the same items…and are located a short five minute ride from my house. You can’t beat convenience!

Whole foods though, always has such an interesting assortment of natural foods. I think it’s kind of fun to browse around, and see what new to me items I can find.

I didn’t have tons of time today, to leisurely stroll the store like I would’ve wanted to, but I did pick up these items.


I made a good choice with the Ezekiel Gluten Free English Muffins for lunch… I really thought the taste was delicious…it reminded me of sour dough style bread…I toasted it, and topped it with Boars Head Blazing Buffalo Style Chicken Breast…a little olive oil mayo and mustard… it was mid day Perfection!

For dessert

Watch out

Consider yourself forewarned

These little nuggets of coco-nutty delight are highly addictive, but oh so nutritious…


If you’re a fan of macaroons…which I am…these are simply wonderful…a true treat. Hail Merry Blonde Macaroons.


I limited myself to three…who am I kidding I really had five…and that was plenty, but I probably could’ve had one more! Moderation, of course!

I did save something for later…

I’ll be having some of the dark chocolate after dinner tonight.


I made another crockpot chicken recipe…this one came from Pinterest.

  • I used 5 chicken breast
  • 1pat of butter (such a small amount-no guilt necessary)
  • 1package dry Italian Dressing
  • 1 fresh lemon

Place 1 pat of butter in bottom of crockpot-add chicken. Sprinkle with Italian dressing…drizzle with lemon juice. Cook on high for 5 hours.


Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezy,literally…. and another tasty and healthy dinner was made… we will have leftovers for days! I’m thinking another chicken salad may be on my plate for tomorrow’s lunch.


Switching Gears


I am probably…physically, one of the most inflexible people I know. I made a New Years resolution to provide myself with more opportunities to stretch out my muscles. This has definitely been a worthwhile undertaking.

I was doing a little more research on the subject and found-

This boxing website– had some useful information on stretching post work out. I happened to agree completely with his premise… Since I’ve been stretching at the end of training…the difference in my flexibility is…well…. night and day. I continue to make progress as each  week passes.  The benefits from stretching are numerous…according to the information on website this is what is taking place…

One set of hard stretching after each set you do for a muscle group, besides the obvious benefits of increased flexibility, can have an incredible effect on the size of your muscles and their further ability to grow.

Although, my goal is not necessarily to grow my muscles bigger…I certainly won’t complain if I’m able to gain a little more definition. Check out the site and see what you think. I also found this nifty little chart…


There are a couple of moves on here I will have to start incorporating into my stretching routine.

I wish you…

Happy Stretching!




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