Strawberries and Fitness

Today was a Chamber of Commerce type of day in the Sunshine State. The sky was perfectly clear blue and the temperature was a pleasant 73 degrees. It’s days like today I’m happy this is the place where I live… don’t ask me in August how I feel… Trust me-It will be a completely different answer.


I opened all the windows and doors this afternoon to let the- oh so glorious- fresh air stream in.

Ahhhh… so refreshing-I wish it could be this gorgeous every day!

I was laying on my sofa reading a book, and I couldn’t resist snapping these pics outside my back door.


Not a cloud in the sky…no yucky buzzing bugs either…I love this time of year!

My dog Daisy is even in a good mood!


Check out her beautiful toothy grin, she really wants me to go outside and play!

I have to study though…so sorry Sad smile

Workout for today will be this~

Friday Fitness


My daughter is coming home from college for a weekend  visit.

Hip Hip Hooray!

She also informed me it’s spring break, and starting Monday her and her lovely roommates have an action packed, beach week planned.

Yikes-Spring Break- Beach- College Girls-Triple  Yikes!

I can’t emphasize the terror this evokes in me…I…ahem…I remember Spring Break.

I actually participated back –in my heyday…hahaha…when MTV used to set up in Daytona Beach, it was an enormous party…I lived a short distance away…all my girlfriends and I would pack up and head over to ….Source

study at the library …of course.Winking smile

Thankfully, my daughter is a completely different girl than I was at her age. She never ceases to amaze me with her good judgment. The girl actually graduated High School with honors and her to boot.

Chloe Graduation

She has transitioned into college life flawlessly(other than that wrecking her car incident,when she was driving in crazy Orlando traffic-but, she learned a valuable lesson as well, never…ever…take your eyes off the road!)  Her grades are off the charts, she has a part time job, and she is managing to keep her apartment clean and pay her rent on time! What more can a mom ask for!

I’m confident she will act responsibly on her trip to the beach…I just worry…not so much about her choices, but about the creepers and deceptive men…you know???It’s so hard to let your kids grow up.

I value so dearly the openness and trust we have established with our children, especially Chloe…I want her to able to tell me what she is doing, and where she’s going, primarily so I can know she is safe. I’m slowly accepting she’s at the point in her life where I have to sit back and let her live…I honestly don’t want to control her-but sometimes I long for the days when she was here under my constant supervision.

Such is life!

I think as a family we are going to head over here


At some point this weekend…we’ve never been!Should be interesting…I’ve heard tell of the numerous culinary delights offered, such as fried Oreos and I can’t even believe this one is true…it must be an urban myth…but- fried sticks of butter…No Way!


Why…. Seriously…why????Would you sabotage your poor arteries with this heart attack on a stick- with this… ever so senseless food choice…not to mention…it sounds DISGUSTING!!!!!

I think I’ll have to pass- it would probably go straight to my thighs anyway!

My main goal


Eat  lots of these!!!

And ride this-


Happy Friday!


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