Saturday- Strawberry Festival And Sauvignon Blanc

Today was fairly chilly  for all us warm-blooded Floridians, the temperature never broke through to the sixty degree mark. Brrrr- my teeth were chattering and hands were a-freezing all day long.


I had to work today, and afterwards I wanted to get in a quick workout  before we headed out to the The Florida Strawberry Festival.

Here are the exercises I completed at the gym-

Saturday Work Out

This routine took me about 45 minutes total to complete…I had to stop a couple of times to text my son Aaron…he was extremely impatient waiting for me to pick him up from practice, and continually (like 7 texts in a half an hour) interrupted me..I tried to finish up as fast as I could…but Geez Louise already!

The Strawberry Festival 2013


We decided this might be a fun family weekend venture… Seriously-what could more entertaining than a carnival?

Despite the cruddy food, and the cruddy rides, and the cruddy weather- we had a marvelous time! We laughed a ton and ate some utterly unhealthy foods-namely fried Oreos…

I’m happy to report…I saw no sign of the fair “delicacy” heralded as fried butter on a stick. However, I did see fried cheese on stick…


YUM-YUM-YUM- Fried Oreo’s and Hot Cocoa

The festival had a ridiculous amount of food booths everywhere serving up practically anything imaginable.

20130302_174335Are you hungry…because we can get some jumbo fried turkey legs for dinner…and then head over to the Ferris wheel and get a snack…I’m sure they will have funnel cakes or candy apples by the roller coaster too, so we get something sweet for dessert later…It’s truly crazy! (Jim Gaffney style)


I WAAAAANT TO WIN A PRIZE!!! -whined me-in my most annoying voice!

I really did want Mitch or Aaron to try and win a prize for me and Chloe-

Mitch tried his hand at making free throws


No Dice-

Aaron took aim- throwing the baseball as hard as he could- almost knocking those stubborn stacked blocks down…


Still no luck-

We all gave our best effort at rolling for skee-ball points too-which I-  Ahem- consider myself to be somewhat of a pro at… Yes, I know, but…I really don’t like to brag!


But no success there prizes at all for us…it’s almost like those games are rigged or something!

Chloe and I were the only ones who wanted to ride on Thunder Road

20130302_18510320130302_185147Action shot…really fast and really fun…I ended up sliding over into Chloe and practically squished her…we were both screaming and laughing hysterically.

Scary Roller-coaster

Mitch and Aaron were also shivering with terror to ride on this death defying contraption…but not me and Chloe… no way…we are Warriors!

20130302_183905We were in the front seat of the tiny car…I was yelling my head off the entire time…the little girl in the pink hat kept turning and telling her sister “this isn’t scary at all”.

Whatever little girl!!!

My favorite part of the evening was getting a caricature picture drawn with Chloe…I really wanted it to be a portrait of Chloe and Aaron…but he down right refused…Mitch suggested I do it with her.


Chloe’s came out so cute…

20130302_181234Mine-not so much- but I’m happy to have the picture!

Check out this T- shirt…

could you imagine the fashion statement you could make with this piece-


20130302_191322 I think we all had a pretty FUN. night!

Wine Emergency- Stat!

We were almost all the way home before I realized I was out of wine…Trust me- this is indeed an actual emergency-especially after all the excitement of the festival- I definitely needed a little something to assist me in the winding down process.

Guess what I found in Walgreens-the only place near and open-20130302_200324(0)

It’s actually pretty darn good and only cost about $9 a bottle, not to mention it has a nifty screw top…

The taste reminded me of biting into a juicy pear…sweet but not overly so!

Here is a more worthy description from Wine Anthology

“Light yellow in colour, with green tints and brilliant clarity. A bouquet of ripe grapefruit, kiwi fruit and pineapple.
“Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc is a charming, elegant wine, displaying intense varietal character. Crisp and refreshing, with vibrant flavours of ripe citrus and tropical fruit, the palate has excellent weight and length.” –winemaker”

Off to drink a glass or two and relax!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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