I’m Ready For This Week-Feeling In Control NOW!


Whoa..what the heck is this..

We followed behind this crazy huge, monster of a truck on our way to the gym today. I have no idea how anyone would even attempt to get inside of this vehicle or fill it up with gas for that matter??? I bet the driver gets a lot of respect though…who would want to mess with all that… Certainly not me!

Guess what…it was another cold day here in West Central Florida…the temperature gauge in Mitch’s car read


but it felt much colder than that to me…especially with wind blowing  swift and steady. I’m definitely cold weather obsessed…I find myself chronically reporting the temperature to anyone and everyone who will listen…I don’t even know why I care so much…maybe it’s the novelty of it all????

Thankfully it was nice and warm at the gym…and once I got moving I actually felt hot and sweaty!


I’ve been on a mission to try and convince Mitch of the usefulness of stretching after his work out. While, he didn’t completely disagree with me- he wasn’t exactly jumping on my band wagon either. I showed him the article I blogged about a few days on Post workout stretching and how it can actually help your muscles grow. Suddenly he seemed to have a new found enthusiasm and willingness to learn about this stretching thing. He considers himself well schooled in working out and not really in need of any tips or pointers (especially from me)…so I’m always happy when I can teach him a thing or two.Winking smile

Check him out-


I’m so proud of him!

Mr. & Mrs. Inflexible…that’s us!


Hey…at least were trying…right??

Meal Plan~

I actually organized myself a little bit over the weekend and created a meal plan for the week…this is kind of a big deal for me. My next goal- actually do meal prep on Sunday. *Fingers crossed* I can start that project soon!

MondaySpaghetti Squash and Marinara Meat Sauce

Tuesday– Broiled Salmon

Wednesday– Slow Cooker Lemon Honey and Dijon Chicken I will be adapting this recipe!

ThursdayHamburgers and Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Friday– Frozen Cheese Pizza Night

Saturday-Out to Dinner

I’m also thinking of making some granola later this week too…at some point. I’ll post the recipe when I do…it’s actually a relatively easy one to prepare, super healthy, makes a ton, and of course taste awesome!

Liking this meal planning thing =)…Thumbs up

By the way-while grocery shopping today I spotted this delectable seafood item-


I had no idea, we consumers could purchase octopus in a can anytime we wanted to…so of course, we can make all of our octopus recipes!

Work Out Plan for the Week-(Yeah, I’m going to try planning my workouts too!)

Monday– Run three miles (This is where I’m at right now-I’m psyched!)-Maybe also try and do the elliptical after work for half and hour…if I’m not totally irritated with everything( it happens on Mondays…a lot) and can stand staying at work for thirty moments  longer.

Tuesday– Gym Work Out

Wednesday– Run and Stretch

Thursday-Gym Workout

Friday– Gym Work Out

Saturday– Take a Hike (on a trail…)

Sunday– Gym Work Out


Lets Get this week started RIGHT!

Hope your Monday is good!


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