Off And Running Again

I decided I would try and run this morning…I still have a touch of whatever this “bug” is that’s going around- but I really felt like I could handle it today- plus I really want to get back into running more regularly. I need it!!!!

The temperature was still chilly but invigorating, I like to think of this little cold snap as a pleasant break from our endless summer.


My normal course is to run to a stop sign that is located about a mile and a half from my house, and then turn around and head back. There is one huge, long, and ever so challenging hill I must trek up before doing an about face and coming  home- I admit,( crazy as is sounds) I do like running hills but geez, the up was so hard today!


This picture doesn’t seem to highlight the true difficulty of this bad boy…but I promise you- it’s not easy…at least not for me anyway.

I was huffing and puffing the entire way up…I think I may have lost some of my endurance fighting off this flu.

Sometimes I muddle around completely oblivious to my surroundings

Case in point-

We have a service road that runs behind our house- that until recently was a  dirt and rock filled “no mans land” type road. I never/ever drive down that way because I didn’t want to puncture my tires or damage my car. The other day I happened to notice it was now paved. (I have no idea when that happened). While I was doing my run I decided to make a change, and complete a big circle by using the road as part of my route- instead of doing the usual down and back.

I was amazed …


This is about halfway down the road-it appears to be a horse ranch or a farm.. complete with a riding trail, a steeplechase (I think that is what it’s called),a barn and of course, horses.


I want to go back and take some better pictures…Apparently- this area used to be zoned agricultural. At some point, numerous developers gobbled up all the available land, and constructed way too many subdivisions. I assume some of the property owners decided to stay anyway, and not sell out- probably  in an effort to maintain their rural lifestyles.

It’s almost like these farms are a little hidden sanctuaries amongst all the urban sprawl.

Pretty Cool!

Here’s something else I think is cool..

Summer Classes at USF are on my horizon!

I registered for orientation today


I’m really nervous about attending classes, but excited at the same time. YAY!


Tonight’s dinner was delicious. I found this Marinara sauce at Publix and wanted to give it a try.


The ingredients met my standards…


I’ve never made homemade marinara sauce before…but if I did…I would hope it would taste exactly like this. I added some lean ground beef, a little more sea salt, and spooned this mixture over my spaghetti squash. The final touch was a little (or a lot of) parmesan cheese.


I also had a salad on the side…Organic girl Lettuce, feta cheese, lemon juice and sea salt.


I ate the entire meal…it was that good!

Meanwhile- as I was prepping dinner I spied my pets out lounging around in the back yard… sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful day.


I have another cat too… but I have no idea where he was hiding out.

They have such a blissful life…

No complications!Wouldn’t that be nice!


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