Staying Focused And A Run

I snapped this picture this morning before heading inside for  weekday mass.20130306_072925

I need some help with my photography skills- I was trying to capture the sun shining through the open spaces of the tree…the huge clumps of Spanish moss hanging from the branches looked shimmery and silver, almost pretty…instead of having their usual creepy, gray, beard like appearance. Moss is such a strange plant to me, the way it clings for dear life to all the trees around here-almost threatening to suffocate them. Fortunately, it never causes any real harm, accept to mask the tree’s beauty and make it look old and haunted.


A morning run was on my agenda today…it actually ended up turning into a twilight run. My Adult ADD (self- diagnosed) was acting up big time. I started way too many projects before I had to go in to work this afternoon, and finisheda big fat zero of them. I hate when I act this way,  normally I do a fair job of managing my time, but other times…it’s bad… every little tedious detail distracts me and pulls me in all different directions. I ending up spinning my wheels all day long, instead of accomplishing tasks.

On the bright side

it was a gorgeous night to run.20130306_183456

There is a biking/running trail about a mile or so from where I work. Chloe met up with me and we ran the 2.8 mile loop.20130306_183201

She is only pretending to be scared and shivering in the picture above, just because it’s a little chilly out. She definitely needs to man up! Punk

20130306_183403We did pretty good. We only stopped a couple of times (really about five) to take pictures. She started getting agitated with me because I saw so many photo ops-ducks, swans,lovely flowers, but we were their to run- not take pictures, or so she kept reminding me.


By the time we finished and reached the car is was dark, cold, and I was starving. Thankfully, I did do one thing right…I put dinner in the crockpot earlier. When we walked in the house it was warm and smelled fantastic- from the chicken that had been slow cooking all day long.


I wanted to make this recipe (Dijon Honey Chicken)…but I had to make quite a few adaptations…I used all my lemon the night before, I didn’t have any white potatoes, and I was also missing some other key ingredients, happily it worked…the end result turned out well!

I started by cutting one large sweet potato into chunks,20130306_114501I placed those pieces into the crock pot first. Next, I added four chicken breasts


10 cloves of garlic, 1 cup of chicken broth, one half of an onion, and a couple of sprigs of fresh parsley.


I sprinkled with sea salt, and cooked the mixture on low for about seven hours.

When I came home…I removed the chicken to bowl, and shredded it with a fork.


I stirred in a half  a tablespoon of raw honey and three to four tablespoon of Dijon mustard.

20130306_195801Placed mixture back in the crockpot and gently stirred it to combine.


Looks beautiful! Ha

20130306_200000I ate mine just as it was…but for Mitch I made him some mashed potatoes and topped it with the chicken.

Salad on the side


And we were both happy campers!

I’m hoping tomorrow will be more focused and productive!



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