Competition~Is Not My Friend


I decided to run today…the particular path I chose is approximately 2.8miles long-its beautiful and exceptionally popular around here with runners, walkers, cyclists, and even the occasional rollerblader.

Over the last couple over months I’ve gradually been drifting back into running more regularly. I took an extended break from the sport about three years ago after a short stint of thinking I wanted to complete a marathon…I never did make that happen, nor do I plan on ever making that happen…it’s just not for me. I’m fairly certain I could train physically to do it, but I just don’t have the mental fortitude to finish it all up. I’m honestly happier being a 5k to 10K type of girl anyway-Consequently though I haven’t raced in a few years either( marathon training made me absolutely loathe running).


I’m beginning to learn there is a time, place, and season for competition.

I think healthy competition in sports, academics, even the work place can be beneficial in helping people mature and evolve into better versions of themselves.

On the other hand…

From a young age, I’ve always had a streak which coursed through me that desperately wanted to be the best at “things”…ironically though, I pretty much suck at everything I’ve ever done. (What-evs) Over the years, I’ve focused my attention on trying to temper this emotion,but every now and again it rears its ugly head…of course never in the proper context.


Running can sometimes spark this emotion in me…it fuels that fire to win…to be faster.

I find what I’m about to write almost comical really, because my current pace is probably equivalent to that of an 80 year old woman…


While I was running on the trail today…in my own little zone, keeping a decent clip for me…I step out to pass an older gentleman walking his beautiful collie.

Suddenly, out of no where  (I habitually glance behind me every couple of minutes)…I nearly collide with a college aged girl attempting to pass me…

First off- she scared the living beegeebers out of me…next- her technique of nearly skimming me as tried to get around me irritated me to end. I began contemplating as to why on earth  she would try and pass me, when I’m trying to pass someone else…Come on now a little timing…please!


She appears unfazed by the whole interaction and gracefully strides past me not missing a beat…her long legs moving in a perfect circular motion…I feel my competitive bug start to well up inside me..I begin thinking thoughts like-

“Oh no she didn’t just pass me” and “oh yeah it’s on”

My main goal is stay with her at this point, and maybe later reclaim my place in front of her…I will my stubby legs to work harder…she senses I’m right behind her and speeds up just a bit…I speed up too…I ‘m literally smiling because I’m feeling pretty darn good- like, I can keep this up for awhile young miss…she goes a bit faster, I match her.

Before long we are both full out running, passing people left and right..hahaha

Then abruptly- she stops dead- to cross the road by way of a cross walk.

Whatyou’re done now…you just decide to end your run here and now…Really…because last time I checked we were racing…

Mmm Hmm that’s what I thought!!! I’m too fast for you! I’m amsome!!! VICTORIOUS!


Do I sound like a complete idiot? YES!

In reality the young lady probably wasn’t even aware I was competing with her…or if she did realize-she may have thought~ why is this crazy women hot on my heels. I need to get off this trail PRONTO!

Just for the record-neither one of us were really flying all that fast-she was just quicker than my grandma like self.


Another defeat in my battle with inappropriate competition..Will I ever learn…I need to save it up for the races…and simply compete with myself on a daily basis. No need to get hung-up on people passing me…This is my pace…I need to accept it!


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