A Word For Wednesday


I had a fun idea…

I came across a website called The Write Practice a few days back.

They have a nifty notion of defining a word- and then giving you a short period of time to write creatively about it. I asked Mitch and Aaron if they would like to give it a try…to my surprise they happily agreed!

The word for Wednesday was Nook~ defined as:

a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security

corner, cubbyhole, alcove, byplace, cavity, cranny, crevice, den, hideout, hole, inglenook, niche, opening, quoin, recess, retreat

This is my 15 year old sons attempt-this took him about 3 minutes to complete.

Aaron Nook

I’m impressed with that kids effort!

Here is my husbands go with the word Nook…


He could hear the shouting, the hostility, and the angry words which usually indicated that some type of violent encounter was imminent. Two men yelling on the other side of the fence; what were they arguing about? Oh well, he thought what they are fighting about was not very important, he just absolutely had to see, but the fence was too high. Peering intently, he finally saw a gap in the decrepit wooden slats, a small but distinct nook that he could see through. Climbing up on the tops of his toes he closed one eye tightly and, with the other, he could see the faint images of two men, arms raised, voices inflamed, enraged and ready for what seemed to be a physical altercation. If only this nook were a little wider, I could see better, he thought. Then, it happened; he heard the unmistakable sound of a punch. Straining he opened his eye even wider, but still he could not clearly see. The nook! He thought, it’s not big enough. Then, he could hear the sound of flesh hitting flesh yet again. I can’t see! I can’t see! This confounded nook, I’ll make it bigger. He lunged and grabbed the shoddy fence, losing his balance. Unsteadily he plummeted to the ground. Striking his head on the top a conveniently located trash can. As warm blood trickled down his forehead, he thought… that darn nook!

This took him about 15 minutes- He is amazingly quick with words!

My attempt took me about 30 minutes (or longer… I’m a turtle)-and I could have spent much longer-but that’s not the point. The point is to see what you can come up with in a relativity short amount of time.


Marjorie’s eyes scanned over the barren nook one last time. Tears began to well up in her tired and blood shoot eyes, she felt the heavy weight of exhaustion and tension creep into every fiber of her muscles, the ache of loneliness filling her mind. She tried to fight the tears away but eventually allowed herself to give in, and softly cry. The emotion seemed to have a soothing and cleansing effect on her as the tears delicately streamed down her cheeks. She stood in silence gazing out the window remembering when- such a short time ago this room was a tranquil space filled with seemingly happy memories. She had decorated the tiny room lovingly; she reminisced about her grandmothers china neatly placed upon wicker table, two well-worn chairs, adorned with flea market bought floral cushions used to be placed beneath. The memories came trickling back- the sunshine streaming in, warming the tiny nook, the smell of freshly brewed coffee hanging aromatically in the air, Mark disrupting the peaceful silence with the rustle of the new paper pages as he leisurely read the sports section, grumbling if his favorite team didn’t win. Marjorie stood a few lingering moments longer. She took a crumpled Kleenex from her pocket dabbed the corner of her eyes, took a deep breath… turned and walked away never looking back-leaving the house that used to be their home…

I thought this was a pretty neat activity…three different perspectives on one word.

The website actually encourages respondents to post their reactions in the comment section…I’m not quite ready to do that yet, but I’m looking forward to next Wednesdays word!

Look What My Husband Saw while he was driving around-

Yes-it’s cat riding around in a car…Cool!

I didn’t make it to the the gym today…but its a top, number one priority for tomorrow.

The Balsamic Chicken Crockpot Recipe I made came out divine…

of  course it’s super easy too…

How to do it.

1T. Olive Oil drizzled in the bottom of the crock pot

4 chicken breast- placed into the crockpot

5 cloves of garlic and half of an onion diced, spread evenly over chicken

garlic powder and sea salt sprinkled to taste

1/2 cup of balsamic vinegar poured over chicken



Cook on low for seven hours…end result…tender and tangy…

(I forgot to snap a finished pic…but it looked pretty good!)

Good night!


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