Self Help For The Soul And A Work Out

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I finished the book The Power of Your Spirit by Sonia Choquette on Monday. This reading suggestion came highly recommended to me by one of my friends…I remember the text she sent me…

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When I read her message, I was sincerely touched that she felt called to share this type of spiritually empowering book with me.

After reading Sonia Choquette book~

I can honestly say that I became more aware and began to understand, quite a few provocative and soul-searching concepts within these chapters. For example… how seemingly insignificant everyday events, coupled with the truly significant details of our lives, all conspire to transform us in to the people we were meant to be…. I knowDeep ….right

I’ve always wondered why things in my life had to be so crappy at times, why I continued to make a series of bad choices, and why I failed at ever so many undertakings I attempted…and then I had an epiphany…  maybe its all served a higher purpose…Perhaps my experiences and mistakes have helped me to save my children from having to endure similar tumult! I’ve worked hard to protect them and educate them about life…If that’s the case…it some how makes it all worth it- it’s really about  shifting my perspective…

Live and Learn

While attempting to understand these principles, practicing these ideas, working towards surrendering to them, and comprehending how they represent the natural ebb and flow of life…is not an easy task…seeing the good,the bad and the ugly in myself, and the act of accepting these qualities… but not giving them the power to sabotage my peace, or my future- is hard work. Basically, the lesson I’m learning in a nutshell- is to trust God/the universe/ and mankind- have an open heart, be alive with feeling and compassiongo with the flow

I’m finding all these realizations are essential for my personal growth and self-acceptance. I don’t need to be forever chained to doing what I’ve always done; making the same regrettable  mistakes over and over again, but I can learn to use my hardships as a catalyst for change, propelling me from a negative mind set to a positive state.

Accepting ourselves is the first critical step to accepting others. We are all soul-filled beings; some of us are simply more in touch with our true inner self than others. We should make an honest attempt to treat all people we meet with common courtesy and respect even if their initial appearance suggests that of one embracing their lower self(e.g…grumpy, complaining, selfish, arrogant)…they too are on a journey…maybe just presently unaware…

Whew…that was a lot..can you tell this book got me thinking!!!!

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My final thoughts… Sonia did an excellent job of intertwining traditional spirituality with a fresh, contemporary version of spirituality all while  maintaining, the basic essence of Christianity, honoring the  goodness and dignity in all.

By the Way…

I’m almost done with Blackberry Winter by Sara Jio….


The Gym was calling my name…


Here’s what we’re doing..

Work out 3.2

Have A Good Day!


4 thoughts on “Self Help For The Soul And A Work Out

  1. I’m learning to trust guidance even when it seems to make no sense at the time. I get frustrated that it can’t be clearer at the time where I’m headed–but every time I follow it, all works out. Every time I don’t . . . ugh.


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