Tea and Truffle Oil


I recently rekindled my love affair with tea…

Last summer, up until the weather cooled off I practically lived in this little local establishment…ordering iced green teas like… well like, I was getting paid or something. I shared these delightful cups of joy with all my favorite coworkers and family. Ahhhh so delicious, refreshing, and healthy, not to mention Tea Largo employs a friendly and knowledgeable staff, waiting patiently to offer assistance whenever needed. They were also always willing to answer some of my borderline absurd questions…such as, I read on the internet or somewhere, that consuming 4 glasses of green tea daily is the equivalent of using sunblock…I live in Florida and need all the protection I can get, so I felt this was a legitimate query!

This information was actually true, by the way…


The selection is intense…every tea type you could ever dream of…Green, White,Black, Oolong, Yerba Mate,Rooibos, Herbal, and Matcha!


high caffeine, medium caffeine…no caffeine…herbal…

Sweet or Spicy…So many choices..

I opted for…20130327_185712

It smelled exactly like a cupcake and tasted naturally sweet and wonderful. This was a black tea variety and I think I’m in love…


Matcha is another type of tea I’m interested in learning more about.. The Tea Largo Website had this information-


Matcha is tencha Japanese green tea fine ground by a granite mill into a dust-like powder. Since one consumers the actual leaf of tea, it’s health benefits are off the charts!  70 times the antioxidants of orange juice, 4 times the beta carotene of carrots should alone be it’s worth, but matcha is so much more!  Matcha boosts the metabolic rate by 35-40% in regular drinkers, and is a strong blood detoxifyer & alkalyzer due to its high chlorophyll content.

Ideally, I would probably mix this in my morning smoothie for an antioxidant and energy boost. The caffeine content is apparently on the higher end of the spectrum, but provides a clean energizing effect with no crash later…(sounds like five hour energy)!  The powder is a little on the pricey side though, I’ll have to  sample a couple of Matcha drinks and see how I feel before purchasing.

Another interesting find…


I’ve read numerous blogs where recipes called for adding truffle oil…I wasn’t quite sure what it was exactly. While shopping in Publix recently, I spied some down the shelf near the olive oil I was buying and decided to pick some up. There were two choices; white or black. I made the assumption the white variety might be a more mild tasting version…not sure if I was correct, I still need to sample the black oil for comparisons sake.


I decided to coat my potato slices with this aromatic oil and bake in a 400 degree oven for 45minutes.


I also sprinkled a little garlic salt on top too.

20130324_191210The flavor was delicious, subtle but savory, my family asked if I did something different to the potatoes…I told them I used some Truffle Oil instead of regular olive oil…they all nodded and said they didn’t even want to know what that was.


These guys are always jumping to conclusions about my motives, I don’t know why they automatically assume it’s going to be something awful…perhaps, it’s because I’m always trying to sneak healthy alternatives into their meals- they would rather not know, but simply be oblivious. It’s only because I love them though!


My bottle is now practically empty…I used it on any, and all foods I thought it might pair well with. I enjoyed how incredibly appetizing all my roasted vegetables tasted this week…I will definitely be restocking this soon to be kitchen staple a.s.a.p.!


When I was walking my dog the other night I noticed a gorgeous full moon rising over the trees…I wished I could have captured it as it was ascending in the center of the ring of branches…that might have looked cool!


I love when the moon is full… spooky and lovely at the same time!


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