NaPoWriMo~ say what

Calling all poets! April is National Poetry Writing Month — NaPoWriMo for short. Modeled after National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), NaPoWriMo is an annual project encouraging poets to write one poem each day in April. Source

Will I be able to write a poem everyday for thirty days…I’m not so sure…but I would like to give it a try.


I’ll be taking a class this summer on learning the fundamentals of poetry…so this could be considered excellent practice for me…opening my mind to the idea of poetry.

I’m not a poet-so what evs..right???-

Here goes~


Day 1

simplicity of routine- creature of habit

resistant to change- stuck in my ways

burdensome repetition-complacent in the predictable

Yearning for excitement-gasping for  air

loosening the choke-seeking an escape

understand the restlessness-release the passion

cap the brooding- drench the melancholy

Round-round-round-the sensations travel-

always returning to the simplicity of routine

That was actually kind of neat…freeing in a way…to let your thoughts wander!


8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo~ say what

  1. Beautiful work indeed!

    I am also a creature of Habit and I often get set or stuck in my way’s But I finally broke free and set off on a journey to start doing what I have always dreamed of,
    Writing Poetry and blogging HaHa

    I am also doing NaPoWriMo this year! It is my first time.
    I am a new Poet and Writer but I have managed to compose 4 Poems I am proud of already.

    NaPoWriMo is such a great way to meet other poets and like minded people.

    It’s also a great thing to do in order to refine and advance your skills and ability’s and to work on any hiccups you discover along the way.

    I Love finding new Poets,Can’t wait to see your next Piece later today!


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