St. Augustine-Day Tripping

Ye Old City

Most of our little family was on vacation last week for Spring Break, sadly my daughter celebrated her holiday a few weeks back. She had to attend classes at UCF every day and missed out on our visit to St. Augustine…


In my dreams~Possibly one day- I will winter in this remarkable city, immersing myself in all its glorious antiquity and artistic culture. Yes, I will own a lovely two story Victorian house, nestled amongst all the other quaint homes in the historic district…I will spend my days strolling the beach collecting sea shells, eating dinner with my husband on the outdoor patio, which will be adorned with tiny white, twinkle lights, and rocking my rosy cheeked cherub like grandchildren on the cozy front porch- we will spend hours watching all the out-of-towners stroll by, and we’ll try and guess all their fantastic stories…such fun.  Ohhh I can’t wait…

Hey-A girl can dream- right!


I also have big plans for a summer home in some scenic mountain range too. At this point in my life, my travels have been limited to only the North Carolina mountain region so I ‘m picturing this locale for the time being…but who knows, I may venture somewhere else and prefer to be there instead. How wonderful it would be to spend the year in two different places…following the ideal weather…never too hot…never too cold! Always pleasant!

Back to our most recent visit…

The weather was unseasonably cool for late March; sunny, breezy, and crisp. The Fort was packed to the brim with tourists, but it was a fun time weaving through the large crowds, trying to stay close, huddling together to stay warm.




A little history…

Castillo De San Marcos

Though its construction started in 1672 the Castillo de San Marcos’ history embodies the struggle and contest of the entire colonial era as well as the foundations of American identity.

The only way into the city of St. Augustine was through the city gate. First constructed in 1739, the now familiar coquina pillars were added in 1808.

St. Augustine City Gate c.1912

Architecture & Construction

The Monument site consists of 20.5 acres and includes a reconstructed section of the walled defense line surrounding the city of St. Augustine incorporating the original city gate. The Castillo de San Marcos’ architecture and detail are distinctive and unique. It is the oldest masonry and only extant 17th century fort in North America. As such it is an excellent example of the “bastion system” of fortification. Source

I adore visiting this city and return as often as I’m able.

My son’s birthday was celebrated this week as well. He turned the big 1-7.    What!!!! I can not believe it! Time is speeding by at a breakneck pace.

He has been pleading with us for a new longboard for quite some time now…lo and behold we just happened to pass by a YE OLD surf and skate shop in St.Augustine…what a coinky dink!!!


20130326_151210After a solid hour of comparing boards…he finally chose one…not the one he’s holding though…Unfortunately my phone completely died and I didn’t get to take a picture of THE PERFECT ONE!!! I actually still haven’t been able to take my picture yet… because since he’s had it, he is constantly riding it, and won’t even pause for one tiny second so I can take a pic.


we picked up some sweets while we were there..


I chose some candy for my kids Easter baskets ( I know that they are all teenagers… and yes I still make up baskets for them)  from one of the most well stocked candy stores imaginable…You name they had it…Remember Rock Candy…they had every flavor you could ever dream of! Fudge…what kind do you like??? Umm- Yes, they had it…Chocolates, lollipops..taffy..peppermints… they had all those too…I felt like a kid in a candy shop…or a grown women in a candy shop..HA!

20130326_203945Birthday Cake Fudge…I’ve recently realized- I have a slight obsession with cake flavored concoctions… for some odd reason it always seems to be my first choice…

Yes…It was delicious…and tasted like…

surprise…Cake flavored fudge!

20130326_204000Mitch loves white chocolate pretzels! Salty and sweet.

We bought other treats as well, but I was trying to conserve what little battery life I had left- so I have no pictures to show. I also can’t remember the name of the store for the life of me… I know its on George Street, right beside an out door bar with live music playing…if that helps at all..


As much as I love cake flavored items, my son Zack is not a huge fan…he usually prefers a birthday apple pie or a cake mix cake with Betty Crocker icing only. He doesn’t like homemade or bakery cake/butter cream/ whipped toppings none of those at all…

So strange- its sometime hard to believe we’re even related.

My hubby baked him this amazing, Full On- Complete- Betty Crocker Cake



Zack was happy…he told us- I got like 36 likes on Instagram for this bad boy!!!

I must admit…these cakes always come out tasting great, never disappoint and are a cinch to make.

Happy Birthday Zack!!!!!


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