I’ve lived in the land of eternal sunshine my entire life…I think this is why I love the rain.



quietly enchanted      by a rainy day

fond of the many      shades of grey

sweet and pure,        fresh and green

dewy  drops         from every scene

igniting it all            to a watery life

steady rhythm              subtle misting

dreaming it not           depart to soon

lamenting as        the sunlight starts

breaking through               heavy and hot

steamy warming,             vapor rising

the comforting grey       slowly disparaged

a single soul             left in mourning,

yearning for cool          and wanting for grey



2 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo~Day4

  1. Beautiful! Simply and succinctly: Beautiful! (I, too, lived – though not my entire life, as you have – in one of the lands of eternal sunshine, a.ka. Turkey, and have been notoriously known during my years there to get “enchanted” – to use one of your delicate words, by the rain.


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