NaPoWriMo ~Day 6

This poem has an ugly tone and is definitely, fictional… I don’t know why I wrote it…

Day 6


Her fetid foulness    her sour sarcasm     

inflict great pain     upon an impressionable young soul

wrong was right    right was wrong    generational lessons of old

Words of fools     motherly charms      drowning in a murky pool

suffocating waves   washing over naiveté       methodically crafting

deception and glory     rejoicing at the failure   

laughing at the vulnerability   endowments of shame and pain

wracking my fragile bones    imparting her slithering sentiments

one and all     here and now    before and after

dirt becomes you, dear child       down, down, down, my love

reclaim this horrid throne    rebuild the crumbling walls

like mother, like daughter    in a timeless steady chant 



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