NaPoWriMo~Day 8

Day 8~ The Key

I found the treasured key that unlocks wisdoms gate

lost to all who beheld the timeless ancient faith

It lay amongst the ruins of a rose garden

hidden between thorny brambles and ardent vines

presented to you upon a glorious silver tray

our saint  our savior-   imploring you won’t delay

the sand of hours swiftly slip through the glass

another morning rising        another full moon past

waste no  time     onward to this departure

there is no turning back once you’ve started

Fear not gentle soul    let wisdom be your guide   heed your intuitions call

for the chambers retain all answers and all hidden knowledge

every golden question and every complex problem

patience and perseverance will guide your conscience

your strength of mind-  not brawn, you should follow

only pure heart will steel your journey and resound in eternal freedom

For the master of the house has no mercy    towards Anger, Arrogance, or Greed

Good Luck my fair friend          Good Luck!


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