NaPoWriMo~Day 16


Day~16 Summertime Visit

memories of his lake– playing in the white sugary sand-  thinking of how my grandfather labored all the months of spring- pulling weeds along the shore… raking his beach to pristine perfection

his pride and joy

his lake in June- was a sight to behold- bluish gray water sparkling in the sun- it’s size deceptively large, always luring me to swim its entire glassy surface- beckoning but never swaying me

he showed me where the natural springs hid on the lake bottom – bubbling spots of ice cold water- chilled and exhilarating- rising straight up from the aquifer he said

he cooked for me

catfish from his lake and hushpuppies fried golden brown…he picked kumquats, grapefruits and tangerines from the groves next door..he grew watermelon, squash, and cantaloupes in his garden too…

never did I go hungry

By night his lake took on a swampy mystical feel… frogs croaking, mosquitos humming, plopping sounds near and far-  air humid, heavy, and musky

I loved his scary tales

of the witching hour- and the mysterious lady sailing the lake all dark night…or the alligators who prowled about searching for a human meal…  always sending eerie shivers down my spine




many years ago

porcelain past- fleeting fragile memories 

he thought I was a good girl

I knew him as the golden man



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