Bella with her adorable little monkey face

lazily lounging on her chaise

eyeing  the confectionery perfection

daintily placed before her

temptations…her conscience tells her no…but

Ahhh cream puffed sweets… so perfectly innocent

greedily grasping

devouring  in a single snap

ladylike manners set aside

indulging in another and another

chewing with her mouth gaping wide-

crumbs studding her rosy cheeks and strawberry hair

longing, longing for more and more

she fills herself to abundance 

seeking consolations deep inside

cupcakes chocolate and crème Brule

dearest companions

filling every crevice  concealing every thought           

intoxicatingly over flowed

vowing to do better once again

much to her dismay

praying to change her fate

for everyone says

she has such a lovely face…if she would only lose some weight



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