Bitter Sweet Sunday

you flutter in soft and delicate

nudging me gently from my sweet slumber

no worry of time and place

allowing me to flow at a melodious pace

indulging in the day

adorned in favorite pj’s

whipping up my famous apple pancakes

all the family chattering and happy


yoga class- farmers market- strolling the avenue

lunching with my one true love- deeply listening to his words


the tide of the day begins to turn

the wheels of my mind begin to wind

plotting- planning

bills to pay- meetings- deadlines- appointments- car wash- oil changes- teacher conferences-grocery shopping-cooking- cleaning-gym

peace begins its slow fade        frenzy takes its place

the ritual must be complete

for if not

Monday will end in utter defeat only to spiral out the rest of the week

oh sweet Sunday morning I long for your return

a mere six day till we meet again

for now I say adieu


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