Simple is never what it seems… Humility exists as a simple idea… Ideas develop and they flee…

Fleeting thoughts are not always truth… Truthful ideas can be simple…Perception is a type of truth.

Sorting through thoughts and ideas like a deck of shuffling cards.

How can I find the right card? Is it a trick, a game, amusement?

Is it sleight of hand, or an illusion?

Life is not a game, or a trick.

There are no quick fixes, no magic bullets.

No miracle workers or holy rollers.

It is uncomplicated and it can be as plain as the nose on your face.

Faith is truth. Truth is clear. Clarity is honest.

The answer to life is found in the spirit.

It’s as simple as that.


Shout Out to Jerry Uelsmann

I am huge fan of Jerry’s surreal photographic art work.


Actually, Uelsmann  lives in Gainesville FL, only a hop, skip, and a jump away from me. Yet, I’ve never had the opportunity get out there and hear any of his lectures…Maybe one day…

This summer I’m planning a road trip to New Orleans and this will definitely be one of my pit stops- because they have a HUGE collection of his work on display.

However,until then, I’m always content to gaze at his fascinating images…and imagine…

If you’re interested,here is a tribute presentation I found of his work:

This is a compilation video I found on YOUTUBE

FYI- Jerry is a pioneer in this type of photography, no Photoshop for him. He actually creates all his art in a dark room. Jerry’s  darkroom is his studio. His technique requires the use of multiple negatives and enlargers to capture a single cohesive image. He often takes pictures with this being his sole purpose, selecting unique subjects with the intention of separating and then combining them with other negatives in the darkroom. The final product is a dream-like vision to behold.

Check out his books:

Front Cover Front Cover Front Cover Front Cover                      *all images from Google





By- Mitch

the pale yellow pitter-patter

echo’s across the steel-cool tiles.

racing with the fleeting shadows

darting against the shudders of the

painted remnants that fall gently.

slipping through the other side of

what was left out to dry.

corduroy pants bristling with electricity,

fuzzy tumbleweeds blown by the slick

white air, glide happily across the glassy floor.

gnarled divots fill the bed

NaPoWriMo~Day 9

Day 9~ Another Haiku…because they are such fun to write!


saved from sunless flight

naked eye views the pure light

peace and bliss are one



My husband wanted to get in on some of the poetry action…he is an amazing poet…this piece though is quite different than the type of stuff he usually writes…I hope you like it!


if my heart was in the sky    bright blue, stark white, silver-gray.

then it would soar like a cloud    lost in a magical holiday.


if my head could sing a song    winding like a soft green river

then would I swim through the notes    pausing only to slowly linger.


eleven birds on tree limb    whistling day-old show tunes

can’t see their beaks move    etched out of newspaper cartoons.


if God gave me my life    blew the cold air into my lungs

honey sweet summer breezes    passed over the snow bugs.


like a puppy on a leash    

we all have our restraints

smiling at the spring flowers   

God gives me the reason

her love gives me meaning…