The singular brilliance of her loveliness,

Sparkle of stars, glow of the bleached moon.

Callow eyes of enchantment,

Strands of vivid golden bands, wrapped in her locks.

The smile of her soul, the beauty of her being.

Envious works of art gaze upon her radiance

Struggling to comprehend the magnificence

Encompassed within her silken skin.

The heavens gleam and glisten,

Overflowing with a sort of pride

Which can only be filled by

The sensing of the exquisite flourish of splendor,

Which are hers and hers alone?



5 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Meilissa, are you aka ‘Mitch’? In other words, did you write this? This is a very good poem…I hope you publish much, much more like it! I also saw that you tweeted my ‘in this glass’ from the Book of Pain poetry blog. Thank you so much! I am greatly, greatly honored!

  2. I agree with “john”, Melissa: This poem is very good – genuine, down to its core; descriptive to the extent that it leaves this reader to know more; free-spirited, i.e what to me free verse conveys. Thanks for sharing! Also, my thanks for visiting my blog site and for the “Like”.


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