Poem~ being taught


your words wow me

articulate and precise

voraciously vocabularic

your intellect excites me

opening my tiny mind

dazzling me with your knowledge

your ideas are like a dream

commanding my attention

making me listen

I hang on your every word

Because your thoughts are…

so beautiful

Your mind is a wonderland

I long to explore

Tell me everything you know


I would be content

to sit by your side

And listen


Poem~ coveting


what to do with weighted thoughts of jealousy

barbs of envy piercing the solitude

the dark feelings swirl- cyclical and jarring

illuminating the depths of lowliness

questioning the eagerness of intent and motive

willing it to all melt away

this mind is a dueling  paradise and prison

subject to its subject

victim or champion

ever searching for a stability only “normal” will provide

but it’s~~~~~

ever so

elusive and fleeting

Poem ~ “real” thoughts

the power of thought

transcends all consciousness

believing in the inevitable or doubting the obvious

beckoning the beholder

to consider the consequence

of innocent fantasies

for the mind breeds actions

which the heart is forced to honor

honor is unforgiving


longing for the “real “


truth in thought





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Simple is never what it seems… Humility exists as a simple idea… Ideas develop and they flee…

Fleeting thoughts are not always truth… Truthful ideas can be simple…Perception is a type of truth.

Sorting through thoughts and ideas like a deck of shuffling cards.

How can I find the right card? Is it a trick, a game, amusement?

Is it sleight of hand, or an illusion?

Life is not a game, or a trick.

There are no quick fixes, no magic bullets.

No miracle workers or holy rollers.

It is uncomplicated and it can be as plain as the nose on your face.

Faith is truth. Truth is clear. Clarity is honest.

The answer to life is found in the spirit.

It’s as simple as that.

Can you say adorable…Poetry Reading

First, this is a beautiful poem. Second, this has to be the cutest little guy reciting a Billy Collins poem I’ve ever seen or heard.

I wish I would’ve helped my children learn to memorize poetry like this.

There are other videos of him on YouTube if you’re interested!