NaPaWriMo~Day 26



bitter poison slipping down my throat

envious images ricocheting my mind

mirror comparisons, reflecting the obvious

inferior to the core

green is the color of my heart

jealousy within bouts of gloom

No wonder…

she is lithe and dreamy

scholarly and sophisticated

profound sentiments streaming from her gorgeous lips

class and mystery are her cornerstones

boundless beauty another of her many charms

how could I place blame


NaPoWriMO~Day 25

Two poems today…my poem is first and actually happened to me this morning. The second is by my husband… because he likes to write poetry sometimes too!



I was offered a random hug today

from a random stranger

she looked at me with warmest eyes

and sweetly smiled while she chimed

you my dear, look like a girl in need of a hug

she approached without hesitation

arms open ever so wide

of course I could not deny


I did indeed, need a hug this day!

Mitch’s Poem


I can live within your shadow.

I can hide behind a smile.

I can make you feel so mighty.

Trust in me is pure regret.

…HOW can you not just see me?

…HOW can you sink so deeply?

I laugh while you spiral downward.

I can twist all white to black

I can shine of bleak deception.

Mistaking hope for true dependence.

…WHY can’t you just deny me?

…WHY can’t you rise above me?

You can change your circumstances,

You can make it turn out right,

Shift you’re your heart from gray to yellow,

Step from darkness into light

NaPoWriMo~Day 23



why do you give your precious love so freely

why do you addictively seek out praise and admiration

your ego is astronomically huge- fat with pride

always looking for something new

something exciting-something illicit

who could ever fill you insatiable hunger

who could ever live up to your insane dream

always becoming weary and woeful the moment it grows old

when true self is unveiled-   feelings- emotions-needs

a woman can only take so much

scorn and rejection

never being enough… never been enough

not even from the first encounter

naivety thought love could conquer all

the glaring reality is


I am always here…by your side…

hollowed and humbled

honoring our commitment…knowing my imperfections

hating all I’ve done to drive you to another

waiting achingly for you to reveal…

I am the only one you love

NaPoWriMo~ Day22 Earth Day

Day~22 Happy Earth Day

pine scented air

crisp and clean

inhaling luxuriously

provocative~        breathtakingly scenic

waterfalls thundering rush

longing to be on the brink

climbing higher-higher still

daring to step on the jagged cliff

exhilarating- thrilling-  wide awake

keenly aware of my smallness

in this wide world

tossing a stone from the precipice

watching as it disappears into the crashing cascade

a thousand words burned into my tiny mind



Bitter Sweet Sunday

you flutter in soft and delicate

nudging me gently from my sweet slumber

no worry of time and place

allowing me to flow at a melodious pace

indulging in the day

adorned in favorite pj’s

whipping up my famous apple pancakes

all the family chattering and happy


yoga class- farmers market- strolling the avenue

lunching with my one true love- deeply listening to his words


the tide of the day begins to turn

the wheels of my mind begin to wind

plotting- planning

bills to pay- meetings- deadlines- appointments- car wash- oil changes- teacher conferences-grocery shopping-cooking- cleaning-gym

peace begins its slow fade        frenzy takes its place

the ritual must be complete

for if not

Monday will end in utter defeat only to spiral out the rest of the week

oh sweet Sunday morning I long for your return

a mere six day till we meet again

for now I say adieu