Shout Out to Jerry Uelsmann

I am huge fan of Jerry’s surreal photographic art work.


Actually, Uelsmann  lives in Gainesville FL, only a hop, skip, and a jump away from me. Yet, I’ve never had the opportunity get out there and hear any of his lectures…Maybe one day…

This summer I’m planning a road trip to New Orleans and this will definitely be one of my pit stops- because they have a HUGE collection of his work on display.

However,until then, I’m always content to gaze at his fascinating images…and imagine…

If you’re interested,here is a tribute presentation I found of his work:

This is a compilation video I found on YOUTUBE

FYI- Jerry is a pioneer in this type of photography, no Photoshop for him. He actually creates all his art in a dark room. Jerry’s  darkroom is his studio. His technique requires the use of multiple negatives and enlargers to capture a single cohesive image. He often takes pictures with this being his sole purpose, selecting unique subjects with the intention of separating and then combining them with other negatives in the darkroom. The final product is a dream-like vision to behold.

Check out his books:

Front Cover Front Cover Front Cover Front Cover                      *all images from Google