A Mini Break From My Parenting Responsibilities…


My hubby and I had a taste of what is to come in our not so distant future..

An Empty Nest

Our daughter left for college back in August…which was a HUGE adjustment for us. I can honestly state, I feel more at peace now with her living away from home, but let me tell you- it was a tear filled, emotional couple of months for me.

This weekend our boys attended a long-awaited, Leaders Club Rally in South Florida…which left Mitch and I completely, and utterly home alone for two entire days…

The week before~

I started fantasizing about all the interesting, out of the norm activities we could engage in to pass the time- we would eat at an exotic restaurant, maybe go indoor rock climbing,  see a movie, or even doing some boutique window shopping…When I mentioned all my fascinating plans to my husband… I was met with an unenthusiastic, blank faced stare from him.None of my ideas thrilled him in the slightest. He had worked seventy hours this week and was dog tired, all he wanted to do was sleep…

I understood of course, and appreciate all he does for our family but…

I was a little bummed!

Needless to say we..we spent a quiet weekend at home… and once I got over my disappointment, brooding, and mild pouting…I thoroughly enjoyed our time together…Remember this song…

My Weekend Song

This kind of sums up our weekend together, minus all the angst of  drinking Jack at the local bar-and standing in the unemployment line…

We did however, spend those two blissful days having amazing conversations, drinking great wine, and generally just re-connecting…I definitely think this is what our marriage needs every once in awhile, a little break from reality, our parenting responsibilities, and time to simply be a couple again!

My husband and I were also made keenly aware that soon- this will be how our life feels everyday…

Another Awesome discovery from the weekend…

Why oh why have I not thought of this sooner…I’m already half way through two books in three days…Audible is from one of my most favorite and trusted companies to do business with, Amazon. I downloaded the app on my phone and it’s already pre loaded on my Kindle Fire…I used my current Amazon account information to set up the payments and was ready to roll in no time at all. I also thought the prices and plans were completely reasonable.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read, but honestly with all the activities I have going on right at the moment, I can’t justify devoting any of my down time to sitting and reading a book. There is always something which needs to be done. Now though…

I “read” (listen) while I’m getting ready for work, folding laundry, cooking, walking the dog, cleaning the house, driving… basically any time I’m alone or not having to engage someone in conversation…I’m listening to a book. This is truly an answered prayer for me…lol!

I’m currently alternating between listening to a fiction and non-fiction book…

This one came highly recommended to me by a sweet friend of mine…



I loved the Violets of March by Sara Jio so I downloaded…


I will do a little mini review when I finish them up…but so far so good.


I did get workouts in on Saturday and Sunday

I discovered this video and incorporated a few of her moves into my workout…I’m a huge Bosu Fan!

Heart pumping!!!

I hope you had a nice weekend…

Happy Monday!


No More Girlie Pushups


I’m joining this challenge from WinetoWeightlifting.com a little late in the game…but I’m psyched. I love pushing myself to accomplish goals I never thought I could do.

I’ve actually have been working on my push-ups for a couple of months now-I am able to complete about 25 in one round. My goal for this week will be to try and do 50 consecutively. YAY!  Bring on the push-ups!

A Gym Woe

Today was a gym day. I must state for the record, I adore my gym-I’ve been going to the same one for about five years now. I’ve been loyal to my trusty old Gold’s Gym  through many different challenges: remodels, price increases, broken equipment and even-gasping– when another crazy male member was harassing me (I did however, take a break during that period).

I feel like though,  I may be approaching a cross roads in our gym going relationship.

I walked in today and realized they had rearranged the equipment yet again. Unfortunately, now it’s a situation which (dang it all) makes it virtually impossible for me to get my complete workout in.

This is the scenario- all the equipment is lined up against the walls creating a huge open space in the center- which isn’t a bad idea at all, and could be considered nice if you like feeling like your on


stage when you’re doing your exercises(by the way, I don’t). My usual routine preference is to go in, use the equipment I need, then find an out- of- the- way corner, or maybe an area off to the side to do my core exercises, jump roping and stretching.

Boo Hoo  all the little niches are gone- there is literally something placed in every available nook and cranny.

Sooo I can’t do what I like to do any more…uggg. I don’t want to complain but it’s frustrating.

Actually, what seems to be the theory behind this new arrangement  is for the personal trainers to utilize this space to perform cross fit style workouts with their clients


…which I think is awesome.I like to workout similar to this style anyway. Plus- by watching them work out- I get tons of new ideas for my own workouts. BUT-on the flip- I felt like I was in their way when I tried to share some of the open space with them.

What to do-What to do

I had an idea!!!

I could use the empty group fitness room before the first class began. Excellent solution!! I only need about 15 OR 20 minutes. The yoga class didn’t start for about 45 minutes Plenty of time ..YAY!  I got all set up, mat, exercise ball, bosu, jump rope and got started…  after about five minutes, droves of women began to come in and start lining up their yoga mats all around me-while simultaneously giving me the stink eye. Mind you…they have 40 minutes until their class starts but apparently, the back of the room is prime yoga space and I was intruding.

Lets just say I received no Zen vibe from them today!


I gathered and put away the stuff I brought in and left the room very irritated! I decided to end my workout and do cardio!


The rest of the day was great- other than one minor mix up with Zack and Aaron’s dentist appointments. Woops!…I got the boys there all prepped, ready, on time, but…. their apponitment was on Thursday not Tuesday. NICE!

Zack says to me

Great, I brushed my teeth for nothing.”

Really, Zack!!!!

Dinner was Baked Salmon

I’m actually not a huge fan of seafood-I like tuna fish,salmon, and shrimp- that’s about it.

I actually discovered I liked salmon when one night, on a whim I made some. Yes,  I must admit it’s quite tasty

Like all my cooking…the prep is relatively basic. I use Publix Sockeye Salmon


Spread a teaspoon of butter(you could also substitute with olive oil) on each fillet, squeeze fresh lemon juice, and sprinkle with garlic salt. I baked in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes.

I prefer my fish more on the done side…so I usually turn the oven off and leave it inside for an additional five or ten minutes.


Does it look appetizing…not so sure, judging from the picture…but rest assured it tasted yummmy! I served with a ginormous salad on the side.


Tonight’s meal was healthy and satisfying!

I’m going to try and think of a resolution for my gym dilemma…but if all else fails I might be in the market for a new place to work out. Say it ain’t so.

Change is good…right?

Getting in those Fruits and Veggies

Breakfast~2.11 001 Grapes, Banana, and a Nectarine.


2.11 0022.11 003

Salad and Hamburger Patty topped with ketchup.

Before work I’m going to make a quick trip to Smoothie King, and pick up a banana and pineapple Protein Smoothie…you know the Gladiator?

Workout~ Has yet to happen. I’m adjusting my schedule because I had some other business to take care of this morning.

New Plan~  try and get some cardio and/or possibly a group fitness class in after work. My boys have a meeting until eight which leaves me 90 minutes of down time. My exercise motto

Some Kind of Workout is Better Than No Workout!

How do you manage to get a workout in when plans change?