Poem 32~ Allowing

searing white light


your radiant face

pools of liquid blue

red velvet kiss

silent promise


mystically luring

magically igniting

boundaries undefined

full knowledge granted

complete- sweet surrender







the air is sweet with innocence and hope

peacefully anticipating the privilege

young souls process down the aisle

carrying wreaths of roses and garland

red petals flowing in their wake

wistful smiles set upon their faces

kneeling small before the shrine

foreheads anointed, shining with oil

palms traced with trust, tiny fists sealed

precious gifts placed upon the altar

willingly endured for heavens propagation



Facing Fears~

uncertainty bricked with doubt

wary walls of risk

confounded by changes

pacing back and forth

minds a spiraling blur

pursuing the dream?

what if’s and I can’t-s

imprinted deep inside

bouquet upon bouquet of

insecure riddled blooms

threaten to weed desire

the question…

continue unchanged

or follow

blind ambition’s guide

NaPoWriMo~Day 23



why do you give your precious love so freely

why do you addictively seek out praise and admiration

your ego is astronomically huge- fat with pride

always looking for something new

something exciting-something illicit

who could ever fill you insatiable hunger

who could ever live up to your insane dream

always becoming weary and woeful the moment it grows old

when true self is unveiled-   feelings- emotions-needs

a woman can only take so much

scorn and rejection

never being enough… never been enough

not even from the first encounter

naivety thought love could conquer all

the glaring reality is


I am always here…by your side…

hollowed and humbled

honoring our commitment…knowing my imperfections

hating all I’ve done to drive you to another

waiting achingly for you to reveal…

I am the only one you love