Bitter Sweet Sunday

you flutter in soft and delicate

nudging me gently from my sweet slumber

no worry of time and place

allowing me to flow at a melodious pace

indulging in the day

adorned in favorite pj’s

whipping up my famous apple pancakes

all the family chattering and happy


yoga class- farmers market- strolling the avenue

lunching with my one true love- deeply listening to his words


the tide of the day begins to turn

the wheels of my mind begin to wind

plotting- planning

bills to pay- meetings- deadlines- appointments- car wash- oil changes- teacher conferences-grocery shopping-cooking- cleaning-gym

peace begins its slow fade        frenzy takes its place

the ritual must be complete

for if not

Monday will end in utter defeat only to spiral out the rest of the week

oh sweet Sunday morning I long for your return

a mere six day till we meet again

for now I say adieu




Bella with her adorable little monkey face

lazily lounging on her chaise

eyeing  the confectionery perfection

daintily placed before her

temptations…her conscience tells her no…but

Ahhh cream puffed sweets… so perfectly innocent

greedily grasping

devouring  in a single snap

ladylike manners set aside

indulging in another and another

chewing with her mouth gaping wide-

crumbs studding her rosy cheeks and strawberry hair

longing, longing for more and more

she fills herself to abundance 

seeking consolations deep inside

cupcakes chocolate and crème Brule

dearest companions

filling every crevice  concealing every thought           

intoxicatingly over flowed

vowing to do better once again

much to her dismay

praying to change her fate

for everyone says

she has such a lovely face…if she would only lose some weight


NaPoWriMo~Day 16


Day~16 Summertime Visit

memories of his lake– playing in the white sugary sand-  thinking of how my grandfather labored all the months of spring- pulling weeds along the shore… raking his beach to pristine perfection

his pride and joy

his lake in June- was a sight to behold- bluish gray water sparkling in the sun- it’s size deceptively large, always luring me to swim its entire glassy surface- beckoning but never swaying me

he showed me where the natural springs hid on the lake bottom – bubbling spots of ice cold water- chilled and exhilarating- rising straight up from the aquifer he said

he cooked for me

catfish from his lake and hushpuppies fried golden brown…he picked kumquats, grapefruits and tangerines from the groves next door..he grew watermelon, squash, and cantaloupes in his garden too…

never did I go hungry

By night his lake took on a swampy mystical feel… frogs croaking, mosquitos humming, plopping sounds near and far-  air humid, heavy, and musky

I loved his scary tales

of the witching hour- and the mysterious lady sailing the lake all dark night…or the alligators who prowled about searching for a human meal…  always sending eerie shivers down my spine




many years ago

porcelain past- fleeting fragile memories 

he thought I was a good girl

I knew him as the golden man


NaPoWriMo~Day 15


Day 15…The Mid Point

halfway through the journey

imagination surging

emotions spilling into word

other times blank as white noise

struggling to capture a single verse

the passage has been enlightening thus far

fifteen days of discovery to be had

the reward of finding a voice inside…






he nonchalantly said

You’re simple

easy to understand

basic    not too complex     genuinely caring

It’s nice having you around like a pair of comfy socks or

a glass of lemonade on a summer day

sweet and tart       refreshing in a way

better than water   not as good as wine

still-fun and easy going      not overly refined

you have passion and a little fight

grounded and romantic but not too uptight

you’re a safe bet … a long hauler… keeper on-er

I nod and take in all he has to say

  I guess he loves me in his own simple way