Poem 32~ Allowing

searing white light


your radiant face

pools of liquid blue

red velvet kiss

silent promise


mystically luring

magically igniting

boundaries undefined

full knowledge granted

complete- sweet surrender







the air is sweet with innocence and hope

peacefully anticipating the privilege

young souls process down the aisle

carrying wreaths of roses and garland

red petals flowing in their wake

wistful smiles set upon their faces

kneeling small before the shrine

foreheads anointed, shining with oil

palms traced with trust, tiny fists sealed

precious gifts placed upon the altar

willingly endured for heavens propagation

NaPoWriMo~Day 17



I want to know how to gently ascend high;

high into the fresh, sharp morning air

I want to sail amongst the silvery-linen clouds

bobbing like a top over soaring mountains peaks

floating in my sapphire hued hot air balloon

peering down at the wrinkled, shady riverbed

all life appears as miniature versions of reality

abandon all my troubles and cares behind sun light…

dropping burdens like sand bags

finally free…. flying away





Please don’t close the door

Please don’t leave me here


You pretend you will stay

promises promises  promises

looking me in eye with a smile

watching  you      always in my sight

cautiously  moving about the room

eyes fixed only on you

starting to feel secure

one sideways glance

your chance for escape  your chance to be free

you leave



I knew it would be true, but I don’t blame you


I’ve lived in the land of eternal sunshine my entire life…I think this is why I love the rain.



quietly enchanted      by a rainy day

fond of the many      shades of grey

sweet and pure,        fresh and green

dewy  drops         from every scene

igniting it all            to a watery life

steady rhythm              subtle misting

dreaming it not           depart to soon

lamenting as        the sunlight starts

breaking through               heavy and hot

steamy warming,             vapor rising

the comforting grey       slowly disparaged

a single soul             left in mourning,

yearning for cool          and wanting for grey


NaPoWriMo~ Day 3

English: Tree of a kind Just watching and waiting.

English: Tree of a kind Just watching and waiting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 3

you stand with open arms

always gazing past my glaring flaws

hands outstretched waiting to guide

forgiving me as I greedily push aside

watching following trailing behind

your praying,your pleading, your protective guise

seeing me blindly run

powerless to intervene

watching as I careen

into my favorite dark haunt

suffering through the bitter front

your timeless waiting, your strength, your patience

ever present, ever aware, ever acknowledging the veiled facade

stumble crumble reemerge

engorged with remorse and regret

crawling back, on hands and knees, this lowly one

desiring to return

only seeking

to be enclosed once more