the air is sweet with innocence and hope

peacefully anticipating the privilege

young souls process down the aisle

carrying wreaths of roses and garland

red petals flowing in their wake

wistful smiles set upon their faces

kneeling small before the shrine

foreheads anointed, shining with oil

palms traced with trust, tiny fists sealed

precious gifts placed upon the altar

willingly endured for heavens propagation





he nonchalantly said

You’re simple

easy to understand

basic    not too complex     genuinely caring

It’s nice having you around like a pair of comfy socks or

a glass of lemonade on a summer day

sweet and tart       refreshing in a way

better than water   not as good as wine

still-fun and easy going      not overly refined

you have passion and a little fight

grounded and romantic but not too uptight

you’re a safe bet … a long hauler… keeper on-er

I nod and take in all he has to say

  I guess he loves me in his own simple way